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I apologize for the radio-silence this week – I’ve had my head in packing boxes and trying to get things done for our move. That, and getting the final warranty repairs on our car before we drove out of our warranty… I think we’re less than 30 miles from 100,000 miles, and so it was imperative to get things done before it expired.  :)

Next week, however, we’ll be having a week of recipes – named Recipe Carnival.  :)  I’ll have different posts on ready-to-make mixes (yes, I actually DO use them from time-to-time), Maurice salad, homemade hot dog buns, and more.  And here’s the part I’m excited about – if you have favourite recipes that you love (especially for the hot summer months), you can share them in the comments section of each post.  I promise to try them out and feature them, if you haven’t already featured them on your own blog/site.

I’m getting excited – I’ve got photos edited & ready to go and in between painting walls and packing boxes, I’ll be starting the Recipe Carnival and posting new dishes that we’ve tried, snarfed, and loved.  Stay tuned!  :)

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