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Oil of oregano (Origanum vulgare) is a strong (sometimes called “hot”) oil with strong medicinal purposes.  You’ll find oregano oil in many natural spray cleaners and sprays that will kill germs like Lysol™ will – because of its antiviral and antibacterial properties.

I’ve known about oil of oregano for a few years, but only second-hand.  My mom has a cousin whose wife takes two drops of oil of oregano as a prophylactic every day – she drops it in to a veggie-capsule and downs it that way.  It’s specific to her particular life and health, but I logged that information in my brain and filed it away for future use.  :)

Fast forward to getting involved substantially in essential oils:  I knew that I wanted oil of oregano on hand for any infection or illness we might encounter.  You see, we’re investing in oils as part of our healthcare regimen.  Our insurance stinks – all except the HSA-part – and our deductible is so high that it’s in our best interest to stay healthy.  Well-visits are covered, but if there’s anything that goes on the coding sheet at the doctor’s office other than a well-check (in other words, anything discovered during the well-visit that needs attention), we get to pay ALL of the costs of that visit and the insurance pays nothing. It’s good to be attentive and ask questions about the coding, as well as talking to the physician about the care you’re receiving, but honestly – if we can take care of ourselves here and not risk paying on our deductible… it’s more than worth our investment in essential oils.

The oregano oil is very vibrant and strong and can be used topically and internally, although cutting the oil’s heat with a carrier oil (I like olive oil or coconut oil) is strongly recommended.

Mark brought home some crud last month that threatened to take us all out – but I was the last one standing.  I rubbed Thieves and peppermint oils on my feet religiously and made sure that my D3 dosage was above-normal.  I woke up on a Sunday morning, knowing that I had to speak and serve in kid’s ministry that morning, but feeling like a chipmunk.  My lymph glands in my neck were all lumpy and swollen and it hurt to swallow – not a good sign of things to come.  I left the bedroom and started reading up on a therapeutic dose of oil of oregano to kick whatever was bugging me and found that most people drip it in to an empty veggie or glycerin capsule and swallow it.  I had cinnamon capsules, but I couldn’t open them and exchange the cinnamon for the oil, so I decided that dripping it in a glass of raw milk and chugging it was the next best thing.  I’d never taken it before and reasoned, “How bad can it be?”

I soon found out.  Methodologically speaking, it was a great option – the milk cuts the heat of the oil in the stomach.  But HOLY COW IT WAS STRONG!  My throat was raw, so it stung after chugging the cup, and I’ve never before (or since) eaten an entire Cutie tangerine in two bites.  But the wild thing was that within ONE HOUR, my glands were back to normal.  My throat had ceased to hurt, and although I still has drainage from my sinuses that was bothering me, I felt perfectly well to go to church and talk.

It’s dramatic – and that afternoon, Mark & I ran to a health food store and picked up glycerin capsules.  I dripped oil of oregano in them along with about 12 drops of olive oil and handed them out to everyone the next day, and doggone if that bug didn’t pack up & get out of Dodge.  I did drip a bit on the top of a finger while filling the capsules – and it itched for several hours, so I’m careful now to either wear gloves or make sure that I also drip a carrier oil on my hand where the oil of oregano has been.  It’s stern stuff.

Young Living’s oil of oregano is $36.51 per 15ml for a straight retail purchase, or 24% less if you’d like to purchase it through me.  As always, there is ZERO pressure – but if you’re interested in using it, there are discounted options for ordering.  It’s a fantastic oil with a broad spectrum of uses, and I won’t be without it, especially during cold & flu season.

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