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This video was made & produced by the Health Ranger at NaturalNews.com and I thought it was worth re-posting here.  It’s a longer video (about 14 minutes) but really gives some first-hand experience and a look at the impact of this bill (S510) that was passed by Congress.

Brendan is now saying he wants to be an organic farmer when he grows up – which is totally cool.  But whether organic farming will even be an option by the time he grows up is questionable.  If we permit this centralization of our food supply, we’re going to face more BigAgriBusiness and more regulations on the “threat” the small farmer is to these conglomerates.  We’ll also face greater disease and concerns about hormones and antibiotics in our food supply – but it will fall on deaf ears, because the end (cheap food) will justify the means (poison in our food).

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