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I’ve been sitting on this video for a while now, unfortunately because I’ve not had the time to edit it.  Between the holidays, house guests, and now more house guests, our last 30+ days have been a tad overwhelming, but way too much fun, too.  :)

I got my grain mill in November and am so VERY happy with the purchase.  Our food storage, as you may know if you read here often, is filled with hard white wheat and this mill makes it incredibly easy to make the tastiest bread EVAH.  Seriously, if we liked my bread before, we LOVE it now.  It’s amazing how much lighter and airier my bread’s crumb is now, versus using cracked wheat before.

  • As I researched (and researched and researched and researched) grain mills before buying it, a few things stood out:  I wanted a non-impact type mill, which meant that I had to be happy with millstones and only certain grain mills actually used millstones.
  • I wanted to control the heat of the flour – or at least not have it get too high.  Having borrowed a friend’s WhisperMill (now it is called the Wonder Mill), I knew the flour was HOT when the mill was done.  I also knew that it was LOUD – it was louder than my vacuum cleaner.
  • Which brings me to the third thing:  I wanted  a mill that wasn’t going to burst my eardrums.  The so-called WhisperMill was anything but quiet, but the “reported sound level” on differing websites was about 50dB.  There was NO WAY it was actually 50dB – my (formerly) brand-new dishwasher ran at 55dB and it was virtually silent. So accurate portrayal of noise was important to me.
  • And finally, I really wanted a mill that would last.  The mills that were (are) made in Korea are okay, and they are a sight less expensive than the European mills.  But the European mills had longevity on their side, and I really didn’t want to have to do this research and re-purchase this in a few years.  I wanted it to last and be a lifetime investment.  KoMo has mills that have run daily for 15 years and are still going as strong as the first day, and that was the sort of purchase I wanted to make.

So we saved our money and finally purchased the mill.  I played with it a bit and figured out what texture I wanted my flour at for bread (it’s not quite at the finest setting, but it’s definitely fine) and off to the races we went.

I haven’t regretted the money I’ve spent thus far, and I’ve also ground my own cornmeal (but not from popcorn – from degermed corn).  If I ever grind beans in it, I’ll get a nice bean flour that’s useful for much, and I can also make rice flour and other fine-flours.  We’ve not developed a taste for muesli yet, but I’m hoping to get Brendan hooked somewhat soon.  I think he’ll like it.

Today I’m getting ready for my parents’ arrival in Phoenix – they’ll be staying with us for a full week.  :)  Brendan is already asking me to stalk the Delta flight on which they’ll be arriving and this place is a wreck.  So no more blogging today – sorry about the lack of recipe for today, but my day is already filled with bun-baking, bread-baking, meatloaf-mixing, sloppy-joe-making, cake-decorating, and general cleaning duties.

I wanted to give you an update on Joanne Heim, the woman featured in the “praying for Joanne” button on the right hand side of the blog.  She is waking up from her medically-induced coma and the last report is that although there is a long road of recovery ahead of her, she will retain the ability to recognize people, speak, walk, and read.  She will likely have some weakness on one side of her body, but in comparison to what could be as a stroke patient, this is excellent, fantastic, wonderful news.  She is not out of the woods yet, and if you’re the praying sort, I know Toben and the family would deeply appreciate your continued prayers.  You can read more of Toben’s updates at The Simple Wife.

I’m also generating a preview of what’s coming this week:

  • Photos and tales of our climb in to the Superstition Mountains – if my camera captured anything like I think it did, I’m gonna be really happy with the final outcome of images.  They are breathtaking.
  • Reviewing another essential oil (Thieves) and providing benefits and uses
  • With any luck, a video of my grain mill – complete with noise and temperature measurements.  It’s getting a good workout here and is performing like a champ
  • Photos and tales of the birthday celebration, the trip to the Olive Mill in Queen Creek, and more.

Thanks for the grace and space to take today to get ready for everything.  Yesterday I didn’t stop moving all day long (we left home at 730a and didn’t return until 915p) and today is a home-bound day in order to get everything accomplished.  :)

Now please excuse me while I go take a hit of B12 for some energy.

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