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I’ve been wanting to include some video on the site for a while now – if by “wanting” I mean “a friend who’s really good at SEO and blogging stuff has been bugging me to do it.”  I just don’t care for being in videos – it doesn’t matter what I do, I always look silly.  Besides, I’m a professional photographer, not a professional videographer.  My skills in editing are generally limited to stills – and I’m okay with that.

Regardless, I realized that Todd was right.  If I want to take my site to the next level, I need to be willing to get over myself and pony up some videos.  But what to do?

You might remember a while back reading about my die-hard “DIY” nature.  If there’s a way to Do It Yourself, I will probably try it – even if it’s not a spectacular success.  So creating a new category on the blog called “Show Me Saturday” and pairing it with a DIY-video seemed like a natural fit to me.  And here we are.  :)

I read a while back about making brown sugar.  Now some of you are already rolling your eyes at me – making brown sugar, Sue?  Really!  It’s an inexpensive item to pick up at the store! I know, I know.  But when I think in terms of food storage, I realize that brown sugar is just one more thing to keep track of and to make sure I rotate through.  I thought it would be great to simplify, and so I went hunting for instructions on making brown sugar, because it’s really just molasses and white sugar, combined.  No, I’m not claiming it’s healthier to make brown sugar yourself, just that it’s fresher and is one less thing to keep track of, if you practice food storage habits.  Plus, I got a really great deal on a gallon of molasses in my food co-op, and honestly, that’s likely to last me the rest of my life.  😉

I found a great blog that I enjoy reading called “New Old School,” run by a woman who calls herself The Damsel.  It’s quaint and I get tickled that she refers to herself in the third person.  So The Damsel taught me the technique to make brown sugar, but I waited to actually make it so I could film it and make a video for the site.  Nothing like killing two birds with one stone… 😉

My tutorial uses a stand mixer, but you can easily use a fork, a hand-mixer, or a stand mixer to make your own brown sugar.  The ingredients are simple:  1 cup of white sugar to 1 T. molasses.  That’s it.  I was amazed at how fresh it tasted in comparison to the bagged, store-bought brown sugar I’ve used and tasted all my life.  Even my son noticed a difference in his oatmeal, which is the main reason I was up early in the morning making brown sugar – for his oatmeal.

I hope this is helpful – look for more videos in the coming weeks. :)

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