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I’ve done it!  I’ve hit the one-year mark on our food storage.  I actually have more than what the Food Storage Analyzer says I do, just because there are things I’m storing which aren’t in their system.  The system is designed to be edited by its users, but when you have bulk nuts, for example, the nutritional information isn’t included, so it’s hard to enter non-existent information.

I knew I was close to the end with my last two Azure Standard orders (that link isn’t to Azure Standard’s website, but to Heavenly Homemakers, where Laura explains how their co-op works).  I added 2 more gallons of honey, 10lbs of raisins (which might actually be the BEST raisins I’ve ever had), and several pounds of spices.  Today, we went to Honeyville in Chandler for a class based on the book “Dinner is in the Jar,” by Kathy Clark and after tasting lentils in chicken noodle soup (which tasted *amazing*, by the way), I decided to pick up a 25lb bag of them.  I’ve never cooked with lentils more than split peas or chana dal, but when thinking about upping the protein content of chicken noodle soup, I decided it was worth adding to the storage.  Unfortunately for me, Honeyville didn’t have a #10 can of them, only a 25lb bag.  So now we have a LOT of lentils.  :)

I still want to get some more pinto beans and white beans (Great Northerns are my favourites) before I consider myself fully “done,” but it’s nice to see the number on the analyzer’s read-out.  I’m feeling quite good about this accomplishment, and the next food-storage task will be building ready-to-cook meals with what I’ve got stored.  I purchased the book I mentioned; when it comes in, I’ll get some more oxygen-absorbers and set to work.  I’ll blog that one, so if you’re interested in having stuff that’s ready to go and things that your family will love, watch for that post.  :)

But for now, I leave you with this glorious (well, to me, at least) image.  :)



We are so close I can almost taste it.  No pun intended, but after working diligently for the better part of January, we are within 40 days of finishing up the food storage.  Well, 38.16 days, to be exact.  :)

We’ve added an insane amount of wheat and about 78 pounds of quick oats (all purchased at Costco for less than $80 – w00t!), although at the rate my guys are gobbling up granola, I’m thinking it might be a good thing to add another 26lb bucket of oats. Hmmmm.

We also added in quite a few #10 cans of freeze dried vegetables and 2 cans of popcorn – there’s no point in having microwave popcorn hanging around when Mark makes SUCH a delectable batch of real popcorn, popped in coconut oil and lightly seasoned with Real Salt.  Holy COW it is good.  :)

I added in 25# of sugar, as well.  I think to finish it up, I’m going to procure some more honey (local, raw), another 25# bag of sugar, some more beans (probably white & black), and another bucket of oats.  I’m pretty sure these things will toss me over the 365-day mark, but it feels well-rounded to me to have things things and be able to stop thinking about procurement and building all the time, to simply keep a tally of what needs to be replaced as we rotate through.

I’ve also been adding things in more #10 cans than I did in Michigan – my pantry in Michigan was limited and #10 cans took up too much space in the basement pantry.  Here, despite the fact that the apartment is smaller (by FAR) than our home in Michigan was, I’m finding more creative ways to store the stuff.  So the #10 cans are in boxes (labelled on both sides – remember this one, Betsie? :mrgreen:) and the boxes are currently stacked in a cubby-space behind the bookshelf.  The cubby space was designed for a large TV set (I think), but we have a bookshelf in there and there’s plenty of space back there for at least 12 boxes of #10 cans.  They are visible through the open-back of the bookshelf, however, which has us thinking of disguising the storage space a bit.  Mark thought we should staple black fabric to the back of the bookshelf, which would work, but my mom suggested we buy a cheap tension-rod (for a cafe curtain) and make a rod-pocket in the black fabric. That way, there are no gaps between the wall and the bookshelf which might look unsightly.  So I’ll be popping over to a Big Box Store and picking up a tension rod this week – and I’ll probably hand-baste a rod pocket in to the top of the fabric and make quick work of it.

I’m really happy to be so close to being done.  Based on the budget for February, I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish all of it this month, but I should be able to be done by the middle of March, at the latest.  :)

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