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'At a San Diego Beach 02' photo (c) 2006, ZeHawk - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/So over the summer while in Michigan, we had lunch with dear friends.  And they mentioned that they would be in California for a family wedding in October.  Which got my little brain to thinking … we’re only 5.5 hours by car from San Diego…. and the plot for a potential double-family vacation was hatched.

Except life is what it is and I didn’t think much about it again until about 2 weeks ago.  I wasn’t completely sure it would happen and thought if it didn’t, we might be able to drive up to Flagstaff and Sedona and poke around, too – we’ve not ventured far from the East Valley area since we landed here a year ago.  Happily, it looked as though things were going to come together.

And we leave tomorrow morning.  :)  The dog is cared for in our absence; the car is gassed up and got a fresh oil change this past week.  I have to assemble some no-bake protein bars (because, as I discovered this morning, Honey Nut Cheerios are no longer my tummy’s friend. *sad*) and clean the bathroom and wash the sheets.  But after that, it’s dream-time and we are heading out by (hopefully) 830a.  I’ve got meals planned, tickets to Sea World purchased & printed out, and a quick call to the Marine Corps station will determine if we get to see a USMC graduation on Friday morning or not.  We’ll go tide-pooling, share a condo, and let our families just hang out and relax together.

I can hardly wait!

So what am I doing still writing here?!

BYE!  :)

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