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Well, apparently, I bit off more than I could chew.  And by that, I mean that it probably wasn’t wise to think that I could blog, run a recipe series, pack, move, paint, unpack, go on a working vacation, come back, edit photos, deliver web projects, paint more, and finish unpacking all at once.  Yeah, that was pretty dumb.

Why do I struggle with the Wonder Woman Complex?  Why do I expect that I can do all of those things and not have 'Wonder Woman' photo (c) 2010, Julian Fong - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/something fall off of one of my spinning plates?  I’d like to think it’s not arrogance – I don’t want to be seen as arrogant and I try very hard not to act that way.  And yet, I seem to have different rules for me and how much I can accomplish than I do for friends who also struggle with the Monster of Do.   The words fairly trip off my fingers and it feels good to get the words out of my head and feel productive again.  Maybe it’s a discipline thing – or maybe there’s a season for everything and this past summer just wasn’t my season for doing absolutely everything on my schedule.  I don’t know.

Regardless, there have been lots of changes around Chez Talbert and I’ll get to chronicling some of them in the upcoming days and weeks.  I’ll also pick up on the Recipe Carnival (or rather, re-start it), share more what I’ve been learning in the alternative-medicine realm, and all sorts of goodies.

Stay tuned – and thanks for being patient and waiting for me here.  I appreciate the grace you granted that lets me come back & pick up where I left off.  :)

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  • Mrsdavewebber

    I have been missing your posts, and I’m looking forward to reading more about what you have been learning!!!  I’ll be patient, your words are worth the wait!

  • http://www.mamasheartblog.com Sue

    Thank you, sweet friend! I appreciate you & your encouragement!