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Continued from yesterday’s post

[091/365] Wedding Ringphoto © 2009 Leland Francisco | more info (via: Wylio)
We had never experienced anything like seeing a digital rendering of a ring and had no idea what to expect.  We provided the sketch and Ed told us we’d see a rendering in a week.  We were on pins and needles that whole week, wondering what would turn up.

We went to the store a week later to see what the designer came up with and how it would meet our needs and desires.

It was lovely, but… it wasn’t quite It. The initial rendering was a tad too masculine – not enough curves.  Still, impressive in the beauty of the design and the digital presentation was stunning.  We requested some changes, including fewer bead-set (pavé) diamonds down the sides, and a solid back so that if I needed it sized, it wouldn’t be a nightmare.

About a week later, Ed called to say that he had another rendering and that he would email it to me.  This image was closer and included a better number of diamonds and a solid back, but still wasn’t quite It. I asked Ed if we could have the designer elongate (side-to-side) my eternal knot design and he said that they could.

I didn’t expect to hear from Ed for another week, but he called about 3 days later, telling me that we had another rendering AND some wax models to look at.  As much as it killed me, I told him we’d have to wait a solid 10 days; Mark and I were headed out of state for a bit and couldn’t swing by the store until after we returned.  Ed indicated that the second wax that was cut was It and that when I saw it, he predicted a smile from ear-to-ear.  That was about the longest 10 days ever – I had no idea what the wax mock-up would look like, but I wanted to see it.

We finally got back from our trip and carved out time to get to the store.

Ed pulled out the wax rendering (he didn’t show me the one he didn’t think was It) and I slid it on my finger.  My eyes welled up as I gazed at the design I’d sketched some weeks before, now in blue and white wax.  It was curiously hard to imagine it in white gold (the metal we chose – it is smelted in the store to their own specs), but I trusted that it would be spectacular.

We gave the go-ahead to begin designing in metal; the wax rendering is the final approval step on custom pieces because it is very difficult to go back once the metalwork has begun. We told Ed that the first of May was fine for a delivery date, understanding that he would return to the store to deliver the piece to us (he had accepted a job with an outside organization that took him out of the store).

Ed called while I was in Atlanta for the ORANGE conference, and I remember sitting on a grassy hill in the sun, realizing that this dream was about to come to fruition.  It both exhilarated and frightened me at the same time.

We arrived at the store with a few minutes to spare, but Ed was waiting with my ring.  Brendan had whispered to Mark as we were getting in the car that we needed tissues – I thought he was concerned about my recent history of nosebleeds due to the lack of humidity.  No, he was thinking that I would cry at the jewelry store.  My kid knows me.  :)

Ed showed me the ring in the box and I am pretty sure I didn’t breathe for several seconds.

It absolutely took my breath away to see what they put together out of my pencil-sketch.  I slipped my old ring off and Mark placed the new ring on my finger… and I wept with delight.  It was if all of our past mistakes, symbolized by the old ring, were gone.  We were looking at a new story – one where a Celtic knot without beginning or ending told our tale.  One that was shiny, gorgeous, and specifically and uniquely us.  No one else has a ring like this and no one else has a husband quite like my husband.  He is mine, I am his, and we are His – together.  Our lives are woven together like the knot – God has truly given us a new identity, symbolized by some metal and stones.

But oh, what amazing metal and stones they are! I am blessed beyond measure.

courtesy my husband and Coffin & Trout....


Postscript: we eventually went back to the original store where we put money down on the first ring and the guy who initially gave us grief about not buying on credit asked somewhat snarkily, “Oh, did you find something cheaper?” when we the requested refund. We bit our tongues and I said sweetly, “Oh, no. We found something custom.” I wish I’d had a video camera to record his expression – he was shocked. And when we answered his question about who was doing the ring, his eyes bugged out further. It was all we could do not to laugh aloud and remind him that if he’d never jerked us around in the first place, we’d never have looked at custom work. We didn’t rub it in, but he knew he blew that sale when we left.

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