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Some people use the phase in the post’s title as a goal; I typically find that there’s at least one thing per day Caution: Study Techphoto © 2008 Anonymous9000 | more info (via: Wylio)
that I come across and didn’t know previously.  Usually, it comes in my benefit; sometimes to my detriment.  Today, I had two episodes – one a happy surprise, one a not-so-happy one.

1.  There was a note pinned to my door last night indicating that the head maintenance guy at the apartment complex was going to show up on Thursday for a “pre-move-out inspection.”  I was slightly annoyed, as the house looks like we’re moving.  Which we are, so this isn’t terribly surprising, but do I want someone “inspecting” the place when it’s a wreck? Not really.  So I popped out today to talk to the guy – turns out the inspection is no biggie.  He wants to see what needs replacing, what needs painting, etc.  I can deal with that.

But the good part of my talk with him was finding out a few things about moving out:  a) they expect professional cleaning once the apartment is empty – if we do it, we must provide invoices to prove that it’s been professionally cleaned.  I honestly thought I could come in after our stuff was out and get it white-glove clean on my own.  He continued on and said that they contract with a housecleaning service in the Valley and to have it cleaned by their contracted service would run me $61.50.  REALLY?!  Since I have to pay for it anyhow, that’s not too terrible.  :)  b)  They have a carpet cleaner with the same deal:  $50 for the base-cleaning.  The carpet here needs cleaning, but the base job should be sufficient – there are no red dye stains anywhere or anything else noxious.  And those charges can come out of our security deposit (which I generally consider a loss anyhow), so bonus!  :)

That episode worked in my favour.  :)

2.  And then I went to the Apple store.  My battery on the laptop was heating up and had warped – it was no longer “reading” when I pressed the battery-life indicator and it was hard to lock on to the body of the computer.  It also quit completely at 35% battery left, which seemed really strange. There were no on-screen indicators that my battery was exhausted, so I wasn’t sure what was going on.  I read up on it and it was a toss-up as to whether it was a faulty battery or if it needed replacing.  I rolled the dice and took my chances, hoping for a faulty battery.

Yeah, I lost.  Apparently, leaving a macbook plugged in all the time is bad for it and causes the battery to swell.  I had no idea.  The tech took it off my machine and wouldn’t put it back on – he said it was at risk for exploding.  Holy CRAP!  I had no idea!  So I bought a brand-new battery for it today (it’s 2 years old this month) and was grateful for a savings account and being protected from a potentially exploding battery.  Good grief!

Since the day isn’t over, I’m hoping there are no more negative-things I need to learn today; I do have to run the Kirby to the store, since the prong on the plug broke off last week when I was gone and I really do need to use the vacuum.  But here’s hoping for a cheap and easy fix.  :)

What have you learned today?

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