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So it appears as though we’ll be staying put for a bit longer – I’ve got a call in to the leasing office here to figure things out. We just found out that we owe a boatload of taxes to the Fed, and between that and our upcoming summer plans, I don’t see how we will be able to move at the beginning of June.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed – I’m tremendously bummed. But everything happens for a reason, right?  And I have to trust God’s hand in this – because I know He’s got a good plan for my life, one that gives me a future and a hope.

The tax-situation is due to an inability to itemize this year – the standard deduction simply wasn’t enough to make it.  But due to selling the house, we had a lack of mortgage interest and property taxes paid, so it just is what it is.  We’ll pay it off and move forward, although to say I’m a fan of the federal government right now would not be terribly accurate.  😛

I’m hoping for a 3 month extension on this apartment – that will be long enough to gather the needed (extra) funds to make a move fiscally responsible.  And maybe the mad rush of people trying to move to Gilbert to get their kids in public schools there won’t be as bad and it’ll work out for us.

As they say in the news business, “This is a fluid situation.  We’ll keep you updated as changes occur.”  Right now, I’m re-focusing and finding a happy place in my head and heart with the revised timeline.

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  • http://dougdraws.com Doug C.

    Sue, I trust God will extend His hand into your situation and take care of all of you. He has a soft spot for families. I know what it’s like to be struggling in these tough economic times. I face the possibility of being homeless every month, now that my unemployment has run out. But my unemployment ran out five months ago and I’m still here.

    I’m an illustrator and I keep getting an occasional client to help keep me afloat, but it’s certainly no way to live. Hopefully God will bless both of us with some manner of success and prosperity so we can provide for ourselves, our families, and those in need.


  • http://www.mamasheartblog.com Sue

    amen, Doug. Praying for you today!