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Today is a family day, and if you’re a Christ-follower, it’s a day to celebrate the Resurrection.  It’s not about New Life 4photo © 2009 Enrico Rotundo | more info (via: Wylio)

Easter eggs or chocolate, but I have no problem with carrying on those traditions with our son (and we do, except that we buy the candy the day after Easter when it’s 50% off).  But really, it’s about new life.

It’s this tremendous reminder that although death reigns in our world, it’s a temporary hold. Christ’s resurrection made sure of that – and it accounts for our freedom and new life.

However you celebrate today, do just that.  Our faith-history is rich with multitudes of celebrations (the Jewish faith was historically known for big, long celebrations) – so celebrate BIG.  You have a BIG reason TO celebrate!  :)

May your life reverberate with the new life you’ve been granted.  He is risen!

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