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So, WOW.  These last few days have been an absolute roller coaster of emotions, will, and brain exertion.  To Rollercoasterphoto © 2007 Eric | more info (via: Wylio)
explain it all would take too much time, so in the inimitable words of Inigo Montoya, “Let me sum up.”

  • We were hit with an enormous tax bill late last week that made me realize that our savings account wasn’t big enough to cover the taxes due, pay double-rent in June, AND pay a security deposit in order to move in June.  So after a relatively decent pity party, I gave it up and told God that I was okay waiting for a few more months.
  • In due course, we contacted the leasing office at the apartment complex where we are and explained that we were looking at options, but paying the $200 premium for going month-to-month here might be in our best interest after our lease ends.
  • The leasing office sent a letter to us indicating that our month-to-month payment would be STUPID high (as in $1500 per month!), but that we could (of course) sign a lease extension of 7 months and “save $350 per month.” Ummmm…. both numbers are far higher than our current rent and are either a) unaffordable or b) undesirable, especially for an 1100sf² apartment.
  • After putting the word out on our networks for both prayer and housing leads and figuring that we might have to walk this out by faith and not by sight, two doors opened for us within 45 minutes last night.
  • We toured the 2nd house late last night and love it – it’s everything we’ve wanted and then some.  :)  The owners like us, go to church with us, and want to lease to us.  We’d like to rent it from them – we’re just hanging out to see if there are any internal “checks” that God would give us as a warning of any problems or complications.  So far, nada.

It seems that the very thing I felt I needed to “put back on the altar” came back to me yesterday, which is strange.  Typically, what I end up sacrificing in terms of my will or desires stays there and I don’t receive it back.  Or maybe it was a timing glitch.  Or something else.  But we’re very grateful to be in a position where we’re looking at a home instead of this apartment, where no one mows the golf course grass at 5:45a, seven days per week, and where there’s a backyard for Brendan to run (oh, and a POOL!) and we can breathe again instead of collectively holding our breath because we’re in a small apartment and it’s not the right fit for us.

Gratitude is typically kept for GratiTuesday-posts, but mine is spilling out on a Wednesday.  It’s not signed and finalized yet, but the prospect of this adorable neighborhood with families and kids is just about making me giddy.  And grateful.  Can’t forget the gratefulness.  :)


Edited April 21, 2011 – WE GOT THE HOUSE!  We received the call from the owners indicating that we were their desired family to care for their house and make it our home.  We are deeply grateful, completely humbled, and excited beyond words.  :)

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  • http://profiles.google.com/narniatreader Justin Leonard

    This is Elizabeth…

    WOW! Talk about a 180! This is great news. SO happy for yall and can’t wait to do a belly flop into that pool!

  • http://www.mamasheartblog.com Sue

    i can’t wait for you to BE here to do a belly flop in the pool! 😀