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I’ll be honest – I really want to blog and post recipes and whatnot, but I just can’t seem to get myself there. I feel like my heart is reeling and my brain is having a hard time keeping up.

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan is still playing with my heart and emotions, and when I pair that with the loss of our dear friend Mike this past weekend, and the extreme challenges other friends are facing, somehow, posting a recipe just isn’t in me.

I ordered flowers today for Mike’s funeral from a shop in Nicholasville with whom I used to trade supplies, but I really wanted to order plane tickets and fly out today.  It’s not possible, and I know it would be a burden to people to show up unannounced with relatives coming in and the rest. Somehow, flowers don’t seem adequate, but it’s my legacy as a florist and friend of the family.  And so I send flowers.

What can I do for those in Japan?  Nothing right now – other than pray.  And it’s not like praying isn’t “enough,” but sometimes I just ache to do something tangible in our realm, not just in the heavenly realm.  My heart hurts and my eyes leak.  And so I pray.

And for our friends who are facing such awful challenges right now?  Of course I pray, but I want to do more.  I cook – I have to cook daily anyhow, so making more and taking it over is the least I can do.  I’d love to just relieve their pain altogether, but because that’s not possible, a meal will have to suffice. And so I cook.

So really, a recipe for Tasty Tuesday would be great, right?  But I can’t muster it right now.  I’m praying, sending flowers, and cooking … and wishing that none in my network would hurt, ever.

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  • jeanette

    just now catching up on blogs -sooo incredibly sorry to hear about the loss of your friend Mike.

    we’ll be praying WITH you for Mike’s family and for the country of Japan. i can only imagine the ache you must feel ~as we feel it and don’t really have personal ties.