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I awoke this morning, like the rest of us in the U.S. to the news of Japan’s devastating 8.9M earthquake off the coast of the northern part of the mainland.  My heart is breaking for the people and the devastation they’re engulfed in right now.

There are reports of aftershocks – one at 7.1 on the Richter Scale.  That’s not an aftershock as much as it is another earthquake of devastating magnitude!  The quake in New Zealand a few weeks ago was 6.3 and they are still cleaning up and rebuilding (and will be for some time to come), so an aftershock of 7.1 is more than just an aftershock.

I experienced several earthquakes when we lived in Japan, but most were minor – over inside of 30 seconds or so.  The infrastructure is strong there because of the prevalence of earthquakes, but no one is prepared for something this large, or the resulting tsunami.  As things burn, bodies are washed ashore (and back out to sea), and debris is everywhere, I feel like my heart is ripped in two.

If you’re the praying sort, please remember the people who are experiencing loss and devastation there right now.  The aftermath of the quake will be felt for a long time to come, and the Hawaiian islands and west coast are bracing for what could be a tremendous amount of water encroaching on land as well.  Our friends who serve the people of Japan are hurting as well, worried about friends and family, and approximately 4M people are without power now.  I’m sure the cell towers are bogged down, if they’re working at all, as well.

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