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I think because I have so much on my mind right now, with packing for our trip, looking for a house (I’m headed out in a bit with our agent to look at some properties), trying to figure out the budgetary categories for this new life out here, etc., I’ve needed a bit of silliness to give my brain some breathing space.

Enter Monty Python.  :)

I’ve always loved British humour – very dry, very understated, very delightful.  And MP is the official Theatre of the Absurd, so it tickles me in ways that other humour doesn’t.  The one part of MP which makes me sit up & take notice is that it’s not always appropriate for kids, and Brendan is home with me all the time.  So I choose carefully.

Right now, The Dead Parrot Sketch is on heavy rotation (gaw – it’s so stinkin’ funny!), as is The Ministry of Silly Walks.  I cannot watch them without crying because I’m laughing so hard.  😀

Just as a matter of housekeeping, I’ll probably have one more post up this week, but I’ll be off-grid from Thursday-Sunday. Mark and I headed out of town for a conference and I likely won’t have energy or brain cells to blog until we get home. So I’ll leave you with this with the hopes that it makes you laugh:

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