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I’ve done it!  I’ve hit the one-year mark on our food storage.  I actually have more than what the Food Storage Analyzer says I do, just because there are things I’m storing which aren’t in their system.  The system is designed to be edited by its users, but when you have bulk nuts, for example, the nutritional information isn’t included, so it’s hard to enter non-existent information.

I knew I was close to the end with my last two Azure Standard orders (that link isn’t to Azure Standard’s website, but to Heavenly Homemakers, where Laura explains how their co-op works).  I added 2 more gallons of honey, 10lbs of raisins (which might actually be the BEST raisins I’ve ever had), and several pounds of spices.  Today, we went to Honeyville in Chandler for a class based on the book “Dinner is in the Jar,” by Kathy Clark and after tasting lentils in chicken noodle soup (which tasted *amazing*, by the way), I decided to pick up a 25lb bag of them.  I’ve never cooked with lentils more than split peas or chana dal, but when thinking about upping the protein content of chicken noodle soup, I decided it was worth adding to the storage.  Unfortunately for me, Honeyville didn’t have a #10 can of them, only a 25lb bag.  So now we have a LOT of lentils.  :)

I still want to get some more pinto beans and white beans (Great Northerns are my favourites) before I consider myself fully “done,” but it’s nice to see the number on the analyzer’s read-out.  I’m feeling quite good about this accomplishment, and the next food-storage task will be building ready-to-cook meals with what I’ve got stored.  I purchased the book I mentioned; when it comes in, I’ll get some more oxygen-absorbers and set to work.  I’ll blog that one, so if you’re interested in having stuff that’s ready to go and things that your family will love, watch for that post.  :)

But for now, I leave you with this glorious (well, to me, at least) image.  :)


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  • http://ekmekvarmi.blogspot.com elizabeth

    Congratulations! Tell me again why on earth you are storing up food a year and where the heck are you storing it all? Do you use things from your storage and replenish it or does it just sit somewhere?

    We eat a lot of lentils here- red and green.

    Love ya!

  • http://www.mamasheartblog.com sue

    love you, E! :)

    i’m storing it b/c God told me to. that’s the best answer i’ve got. :) where am i storing it? everywhere! kitchen pantry, the coat closet (who needs coats in AZ?), the guest room closet, our closet, in the nooks in the apartment…. wherever there’s space, we’ve got our storage stashed.

    yes, i’m cooking from it as i go, but it takes a lot to go through 50lbs of wheat, so i’m not replenishing it weekly or anything. 😉

    send me your lentil recipes – i have a lot of them and know virtually nothing about using them as a side dish. 😮