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The Simple WifeA while ago I asked you to pray for Joanne Heim, Toben’s wife.  As a 38-year old woman, she had a catastrophic stroke and was in a medically-induced coma.

Fast forward 6 weeks (literally, SIX WEEKS) and Joanne is healing rapidly and well!  :)  She is in a long-term care facility, has no more tracheotomy, is blogging again (with some translation from her husband, as necessary), and is amazing doctors and staff all around.  Toben credits God and all those who have been praying for her for the amazingly quick turnaround – there were dark days when they weren’t sure she would pull through.  Her rehab is going well and she’s still quick in her mind, even if the words don’t come as easily as she’d like right now.

If you want to read more about Joanne and her progress, hop over to The Simple Wife.  The updates are regular and the good-news is firsthand over there.  :)

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  • Eva

    Many of you are no doubt aware that Joanne and Toben are either separated or divorced; he has the children and she hasn’t seen them in over a year. They do not contact her and apparently want nothing to do with her. She is living in a retirement community with her parents. While her physical condition has improved a great deal since her stroke, she is heartbroken over the loss of her family. I have prayed so hard that she will get to see her girls. She has mentioned a few times how hard it is and how much she misses them. I just don’t understand what happened there. She briefly explained some of what was going on. It seems to be the girls themselves not wanting to see her rather than Toben not allowing it. How can they treat her this way? She is their mother no matter what. If you want to read what she wrote about having to go live with her parents, read the 2014 updates on her blog. And keep praying for her. She needs it now more than ever.