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My first introduction to Thieves oil was one of wrinkling my nose.  The oil was strongly scented and honestly, I wasn’t terribly sure that I wanted an oil with such a negative name and connotation.  What I didn’t know was the tale behind the name and how incredibly effective this proprietary blend of oil is.

Thieves is a blend of cinnamon, clove, lemon, rosemary, and eucalyptus oils, and has been shown to be 99%+ effective against pathogens like flu, colds, and even black mold.Young Living - Thieves Essential Oil - 15 ml

The name comes from the legend of the 4 French thieves …

During the time of the Black Plague in the 1300s, people were afraid to even enter the home of one who had died of the plague.  Known as Black Death, the causes were unknown, but the survival rate was dismal enough that no one wanted to risk exposure.  Four thieves, who were apprentices in apothecaries, combined five aromatics and put it on themselves.  They then went around Paris and robbed bodies of gold, possessions, etc., entering homes of those who had known to die from the Black Death.  Upon the apprehension of the thieves, the magistrate was amazed and impressed and offered the men a lighter sentence in exchange for the information on how they avoided contracting the disease.  The men complied, and this is where the proprietary blend comes from today.

Nowadays we know the Bubonic Plague came from fleas on rats, but at that time, it was thought to be just about anything, including spiritual in nature.  These aromatics in combination not only ward off fleas and the Black Plague, but also flu and cold germs, black mold, and other airborne and surface contaminants and pathogens.

We use Thieves both in cleaner format (Young Living has created a line of products based on the Thieves blend) and on our feet.  It might sound strange to put an essential oil on your feet, but every single part of your body is represented in the different meridians on your feet.  Acupuncture & reflexology practitioners have known this for thousands of years, but we in the western world have only recently gotten on board with this information.  Your sinuses are represented on your feet at your toes – the tops of the toes and a corresponding band around the bottom of the toe.  We put Thieves on our toes on a regular basis in order to boost and support our natural immunity.  When we’re sick, we’ll put it on our feet more than once a day and have healed from colds much more quickly than we have in the past.  We also diffuse the oil in a cool-air diffuser and breathe in its benefits as well as use the waterless hand-cleaner with Thieves and the household cleaner.

A friend of mine reports fighting black mold in her home and following all the instructions for ridding your home of the stuff – and failing miserably.  In desperation, her husband used the Thieves cleaner when chlorine bleach failed to prevent the mold’s regrowth and found it worked beautifully.  We don’t have a mold problem here in Arizona (it’s a tad too dry for that), but if we ever did, I’d be whipping out the Thieves cleaner to kill it and make sure it didn’t return.  And the best part of all of this?  There are no antibiotics, harsh chemicals, or anything else that makes me queasy about using it with my family.

Thieves oil retails for $41.78 for the 15ml bottle, but if you are local and tag on to my order, you can save 20% on the price.  If you’re not local and would like to become a customer, shoot me an email.  I’m happy to help you get set up.  As always, there’s no pressure at any level – just sharing what I’ve learned with you.  :)

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  • Holly Law

    Hey friend! I am using a combination of thieves in the morning and lemongrass at night to try to heal the fungus that has plagued my toenail for 2 years. The podiatrist had me on a strong medication for 3 months (causes liver failure-yippee!) and then wanted me to take it for another 3 months-no thank you! I would like to keep my liver functioning! So I am trying these 2 essential oils-a friend has used this combo with great success, but it took 3 months to notice a difference. I’ll let you know how it works!

  • http://www.mamasheartblog.com sue

    that’s awesome, Holly! I can’t wait to hear the good report. Mark has keratosis (build up of keratin) on his toenails – I’m still trying to figure out what’s good to clear that up. Hugs from the desert!

  • http://www.healthshop101.com/blog/thieves-essential-oil/ Thieves Essential Oil

    Due to the cinnamon and clove contained, must be cautious–it may cause irritation if improperly used. Fair skinned, blue-eyed individuals, redheads and those who tend to sunburn basically need to heed and dilute Thieves in a carrier oil (such as almond ) before applying to the skin. I have used 1-2 drops of Thieves on the bottom of my feet and also at the nape of the neck. Other places could be under the arms,and on the chest. I do not recommend using this in a bath or in a sauna! Diffuse for only short periods of time–20 minutes or less at work or at home. I used plenty of Thieves in the work of January and February and felt the results were positive.

  • http://www.mamasheartblog.com Sue

    I think that’s an important thing to consider – thanks for the feedback. As a fair-skinned redhead, I’ve had no problem putting Thieves on and having a reaction, but some people are more sensitive than even I am. The bottoms of the feet are fairly safe – very few skin reactions happen on the toughened skin there – but if you’re going to put it on the face or neck, a carrier oil (EVOO, almond oil, etc.) would be a good safety precaution.

    Because I currently have a tooth waiting for a crown and I don’t want any more problems with the tooth or with bacteria trying to make my tooth hurt (it doesn’t hurt right now), I’m brushing with Thieves. A drop on my toothpaste = a WIDE AWAKE MOUTH. 😉 But Thieves has reported to heal tooth problems, including strengthening the teeth and ridding the tooth of bacteria that can cause decay.

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