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I haven’t done a Things I Love Thursday in a little while and I realized on Sunday that I was overdue, especially considering how I droned on and on about a new product I’ve tried.

I don’t often win things, online or IRL.  But I lucked out before the new year and won a trio of make-up primers from Bare Escentuals on Twitter.*  I have been a BE girl since Brendan was a baby and never felt the need for a primer for the products.  The minerals are powdered, very gentle, and tend to stay on my skin (well, at least, without the withering heat and sweat of Arizona, that is….), and have actually improved the condition of my skin.  When I first started with BE, I was distraught about my skin.  I had concealer in my purse, in the car, and in the house.  I was constantly touching-up and covering-up the blemishes (and scarring that came from the blemishes) that dotted my face.  It was a financial stretch back then to consider a make-up product that was so costly ($25 for a container of foundation), but I took the risk with a 60-day-love-it-or-return-it guarantee.

I simply couldn’t believe the improvement in my skin within a few short weeks!  The blemishes went away and after time, the scarring faded.  I put the makeup on and immediately felt better about myself – I looked up and forward much more often.  I carried myself differently – with more poise and confidence.  I didn’t have to carry concealer with me everywhere anymore, and I didn’t hide my face.  It sounds trite, but it really did infuse me with more confidence.  And I deduced that IPrime Time Brightening Foundation Primer was likely reacting to the concealer with all of the blemishes, because I didn’t change anything else about my life, diet, or habits that would have caused them to disappear – I just switched my foundation and stopped using my old concealer.

So fast forward 8+ years.  The heat here in the summer is stifling and suck-the-air-from-your-lungs intense.  And my propensity to sweat is equally intense.  I’ll be absolutely fascinated to try the primers in the heat of summer, but regardless – right now, they are the bee’s knees.  My foundation stays on all day and when I cleanse my face at night, I’m literally shocked how much makeup is still on my skin.  I don’t have oily skin (at all – I tend toward dry), and this stuff finishes to a powder finish and makes my makeup application that much smoother.  I’m in love.

Bare Escentuals Mineral MakeupI also received the eyelid primers, which was a treat.  I had begun “foiling” my eye makeup, which means to apply a powder with water to create a more intense, longer-lasting look.  It worked fine, but these primers make that practice absolutely obsolete.  I don’t need to foil my glimmer or glimpse (what BE calls their different eye colours), and even my favourite purple shade (“Bloom”) which I’ve had trouble applying and getting it to last does exactly that.  At the end of the day, my eye makeup looks as fresh and amazing as when I applied it at 7:00am.  Truly, I’m impressed.

Most days I don’t wear makeup, preferring to go instead with a sheer moisturizer, and it works well.  But when I want to put on makeup, BE is my choice.  I never look “made up” and most of the time, Mark can’t tell if I have a foundation on or not.  But I love enhancing my own features with subtle make-up, especially if it stays on well.  And I have to say, in my 8+ years of using BE, the foundation’s cost has remained constant.  In these days of skyrocketing expenses, shrinking packages, and the rest, I applaud Leslie Blodgett (BE’s CEO) for making a quality product and not gouging us in the process.

*Although I won these products from BE, I wasn’t asked to review them at all.  My opinions are my own – and if I hadn’t liked these items, I simply wouldn’t have written about them.  I also receive no compensation for this review.

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  • http://chezsmiffy.blogspot.com/ Misti Anslin Delaney-Smith

    You’ve done it again, my friend.

    I have been becoming aware that my makeup is very old. I mean, I don’t remember when I last bought something new but it’s been a decade or more. Probably not the best idea to wear it. I do anyway.

    I was wondering about less toxic makeup but hadn’t started looking yet because makeup is sooo expensive.

    I guess I’ll be looking into BE. Can you buy it in shops?

  • http://chezsmiffy.blogspot.com/ Misti Anslin Delaney-Smith

    Even better, the prices are decent and they’re sold less than a mile from my office. 😀

  • Lisa Hilton

    I love Bare Escentuals products as well. Saw them one night late on QVC and decided to give them a try. Well, I’m hooked and now even my teenage daughter is too. The products last a long time since so little is used and YES, it is very natural looking. Love it!