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So as we end 2010 in a location I honestly never thought I’d live in (an apartment in the desert), away from the things that make the holiday season what it is (friends, family, cold weather, snow), I’m reflective.

We watched a Veggie Tale movie last night – the newest, called “It’s A Meaningful Life,” courtesy of my friends at The Livingston Parent Journal.  Being a VT take-off on “It’s a Wonderful Life,” the message was “you’re where you are because God has a good plan for your life.  Don’t wish for the ‘what-ifs’ – live where you are to the fullest, now.”

Wow.  If that’s not what I needed to hear and absorb right now!

And so as hard as this holiday season was for me – missing my friends and family, being in a strange land, and trying (sometimes successfully) not to feel sorry for myself – I’ve resolved not to play the “what if”-game.  No “what if we were still in our home in Dexter” – that home was home for us for a short while and was destined to be the home of someone else now.  No “if we were still in Ann Arbor/at 2|42” – we are here in Arizona, at Mission for a reason.  True, we do not know precisely why we are here, but I doubt we’ll be able to clearly understand why if our hearts and minds are looking backwards or stuck in “what if.”

And so, this New Year’s Eve, as “The Mummy” plays and we’ve stuffed our bellies with jalapeno poppers, spinach dip, and cheese sticks, I’m reminded that this is a new start.  It’s a new year, and we’re in a new place, with new challenges, new fun, and new memories to make.  I’m going to go in to the new year with anticipation and a good attitude – not ignoring the grieving that will still take place, but acknowledging it and moving on.  It’s time to look ahead and embrace the meaningful life I’ve been given.

My wish for you is that whatever you’re facing, you can do it with strength, looking forward and drawing power from your past experiences.  Join me in not living in the “what ifs” and living fully in the present.  Someone wise once said, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery.  Today is a gift – that’s why it’s called the present.”

Let’s unwrap our presents together, shall we?  Happy New Year!

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  • Robin

    Amen, sistah!
    I may quote you on that.