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I’ve been looking for a few cute skirts to add to my wardrobe for a while now.  And by “cute,” I mean “comfortable,” “pretty,” and “fun.”  On my last trip to Kohl’s, I found absolutely no skirts anywhere in the store.  As in zip, zero, nada, zilch.  Not a single one – unless you count the less-than-appropriate short skirts in the little girl’s section, which I don’t.

Being not-easily deterred and knowing that I have sewing ability (if not a passion to sew – I sew for functionality, not for fun), I realized a trip to Joann was in order.  I found a few different fabric selections and stood in line to have them cut, only to see a flaw in one of them.  So I put that one back – if the cutting clerk had offered me a steep discount, I would’ve taken it and worked with the flaw, but I wasn’t about to pay full-price for fabric that needed extra work.  The work is already inherent in sewing!  I also picked up some knit (interlock) fabric for a yoga band, after my friend Roen suggested a yoga-banded skirt.  I found a very helpful tutorial at Sew Mama, Sew and realized that a yoga band on a skirt would do several things for me:  1)  be MUCH easier than sewing a casing and stringing elastic through the casing.  I hate that part of sewing.  2)  be more comfortable – I have a high-waist and sometimes an elastic band, even when it’s big on me, can be uncomfortable when I’m driving.  3)  be super cute and much cooler.  The knit fabric is a cotton-spandex knit, so it will absorb moisture (read: sweat) that comes from living in the desert.

Armed with washed & dried fabric, I went about with creative folding to get a circle skirt out of a little over four yards of fabric and assembled.  The yoga band is easy, as per the instructions in that tutorial – it was done inside of 5 minutes with a ladder-stitch, which is the closest equivalent I have to a serger.  I attached the side seams and began work on the hem (I double-hemmed it), which seemed to take nearly forever.  I love the look and feel of circle skirts; I don’t love how much fabric there is to hem.  But whatever.

Once I had the bottom hemmed (twice), I moved on to attaching the yoga band.  Yoga bands are tall (about 14″, unfolded), so they can readily be folded down.  It still seemed bulky to have a 7″-wide band for a waist, but it holds the weight of the skirt and all the fabric, without elastic, so it has to be somewhat substantial.  I stretched the knit fabric of the yoga waist to fit the designed waist of the skirt and continued to pull the fabric taut as I stitched (again with a ladder-stitch so that it would be more flexible than a straight-line of stitching).  I trimmed the excess fabric to reduce bulk in the seam and called it a night.  :)

The final product looks like this:

The waistband is somewhat bunched in the image because I don’t have a skirt hanger and conscripted a suit-pant hanger in to service.  But you can see how the skirt hangs and wearing it right now, I can tell you how amazingly comfortable and significantly cooler it is over a traditional elastic waistband on a circle skirt.

I’m pleased with the results and will tackle a second skirt today.  And just for the record, when a pattern says “One Hour” on it, the pattern-designers assume that you won’t have an 8 year-old helper.  Because if you do, your time will easily be doubled.  Just sayin’.  :)

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  • http://sharpenyourscissors.net Laura Webber

    I love the skirt and the humor you included with your sewing story! I enjoy sewing to a certain extent too!

    Miss you!

  • http://www.mamasheartblog.com sue

    Thanks, Laura – I miss you too, my friend! And instead of finishing my second skirt today, I finished a book and scheduled tomorrow’s post so I don’t have to try to do it early in the morning. :) Ah well – there’s always tomorrow to finish sewing, right? 😉 <3 you guys!