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One thing I really like about living in Arizona (besides the lack of allergens to plague me) is that with the high LDS population here, it’s not ‘weird’ or ‘strange’ to practice food-storage habits.  It’s just another version of ‘normal’ here, and there are seemingly lots of opportunities to build my food storage.

Thanks to The Survival Mom (who is a local celebrity in the world of food storage here), I now know there’s a Honeyville store in the town where we reside.  Even though Honeyville’s shipping charge is very reasonable ($4.49 for any size order), I really like being able to go in a store and pick stuff out without having to pay shipping and waiting for it.

And Fry’s is the local division of the Kroger Company, which is my grocery-store of choice these days.  So far, I’ve not seen any “case sales” at Fry’s, but in typical Kroger fashion, they do a 10-for-$10 deal on staples and often have a “Buy 8 Get $4 Off” promotion running.  These two things make it easier to add to my food storage than otherwise.

A few days ago, The Survival Mom posted about a contest at Emergency Essentials.  I’m not so much in to entering contests (although if I actually WON something, it might entice me to enter more!), but the tool behind the contest intrigued me greatly.  I keep meaning to take an inventory of what’s in my food and I thought moving would be a great opportunity to do just that.  I mean, I’ve got a rough idea of what’s in my food storage, but being a checklist kind of girl, I’d like it on paper.  But the craziness of moving got to me and I haven’t taken an inventory.  My food storage is set up in 4 different places; 2 in my kitchen, one in a supposed “coat closet” (who needs coats in Arizona?!), and the canned goods in the garage on shelves.

So when I saw the Food Storage Analyzer and checked it out, I realized it was a great fit for my wannabe inventorying-self.  :)  It’s free to use and by creating a user name, my information is stored.  Just since using it, I added a bit more to my inventory and today’s calculations are that I have … (drumroll, please) 162.91 days worth of food stored.  That’s almost halfway – I’m shooting for a full year’s worth of food for the three of us.  I’m definitely getting there – and this was a huge encouragement to keep going.  :)

The Analyzer took a bit of time to list out what I had and it’s designed to give you a shopping list for Emergency Essentials (which, not coincidentally, sells food storage items), but I think it was entirely worthwhile.  I’ll continue to add to it as I add items (I think the next big procurement is a bulk order from Redmond Salt – they sell their Real Salt in 25# bags at a price which is a huge savings off of the Whole Foods price).  There’s nutritional content and analysis in the returned results, as well.  I’m not big in to those numbers – but because I already have my bouillon and other seasonings, my “sodium content” on the nutritional chart is sky high.  Of course, that doesn’t mean that we’ll eat ALL of the bouillon in the number of days allotted, but that’s the risk of letting a computer program tell you what the nutritional analysis is.  I’d prefer to focus on the “whole food, whole grain” aspect of my storage plan and use the seasonings (bouillon, salt, etc.) sparingly and as needed.

If you practice food storage, I highly recommend this Analyzer – it’s a great first step, especially if like me, other things have gotten in the way of you taking a solid inventory.  😉

Here’s a link to try it out yourself – and you can earn a $10 gift card at Emergency Essentials for trying the Analyzer and reviewing it!  :)

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