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We think we’ve found a church in the next town over from us (Gilbert).  Mission is a place that has a 2|42 Community vibe, but is 10 years older (and about twice as large).  It’s about 20 minutes from our home and we’ve really enjoyed it there so far.

We attended what was coined “BackStage” a little while ago – a chance to find out about the different ministries there and to ask questions of the leadership.  One of the things that makes me crazy-happy is that Mission (like 2|42) puts their money where their mouth is.  They are working towards giving 20% of all that comes in every year in local, national, and international mission efforts – right now, I think they’re at about 12% of their 20% goal.  It tells me that their hearts aren’t in it for the money or fame – but for what good they can do in the world in the name of Jesus.  Which I find to be particularly cool.

The church’s motto (for lack of a better word) is Micah 6:8 – which says “He [God] has told you, o man, what is good.  And what does the Lord require of you, but to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.” Their shortened tag line is “Do Justice | Love Mercy | Walk Humbly.”  I like it a lot.  :)

But honestly, one of the coolest things that I’ve found yet (other than scratching both the “justice” itch and the “mercy” itch in me simultaneously) is this:  their marriage ministry.  It’s called “TwoIgnite” and the goal of it is to preserve, encourage, and strengthen marriages.  In a world where “Christians” don’t have a much better track-record marriage & divorce-wise than those who profess no faith, this church is setting out to make a difference.  They teach regularly on marriage, how to strengthen & enrich your marriage, and have activities for couples frequently.

When I saw the matchbooks that were handed out (to the left), I giggled.  Which married individual doesn’t want his or her marriage to be smokin’ hot?  Which of us doesn’t want it to sizzle?  It reminded me of my favourite poem about marriage, from the incomparable Ogden Nash:

If you want your marriage to sizzle
With love in the lovin’ cup
Whenever you’re wrong, admit it;
Whenever you’re right, shut up!

Of course, that’s not what the TwoIgnite.com site talks about – but I just love that Mission feels free to talk about marriage, intimacy, sex – the things that are just too important to pretend like we’ve all got it together.  Most of us don’t – this just gives us a way to continue to improve our relationships and to build strong families.  Because let’s face it – when a marriage is strong and healthy, it’s easier to have a healthy family life for all members of that family.

Brendan and I also checked out the Homeschool Co-op that meets at Mission – and we really like it.  The “Welcome Party” that took place this week had me smiling for a solid 36 hours straight – I finally feel like I’m not completely alone in this.  It’s hard because the last memory of I have of Michigan was not being “alone” – it was having our whole community help & pitch in to get us packed and on our way.  But that’s also not how our time in Michigan started out:  it took time to build that community and meet like-minded people whom we grew to love as we shared life together.  The challenge in remembering that fact has made Arizona feel particularly lonely to me.  I am an introvert, but I’m not a loner.  Finding a group of moms who are passionate about home-educating their kids has really been a huge shot in the arm for me, and I’m so grateful.

Is life all peaches & cream down here now?  Hardly.  It’s still regularly in the 11oF- range here for temperatures and I’m still struggling with feeling as though we’re “home” and find myself referring to Michigan as “home.”  But this development helps – immensely.  :)

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  • Wen

    I know it must be hard, but try to remember that HOME is wherever you are, TOGETHER!! You guys are good @ connection and you’ll find your spot down there, just as you did when you left Kentucky, for Michigan;)

    Looking at the pictures makes me a bit envious, as so much of that beauty is foreign to the Midwest!

    Keep your chin up, remembering that God will grow you where He plants you;)

    Love you all,
    Your Snow-Logged Little Sis;)