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So my adjustment from midwest to southwest continues, and this was one of the first things I noticed after grocery shopping:  the butter is different down here.

Not “different” as in it’s a FrankenFood or made any differently, but “different” in its shape.  What a strange thing to notice, huh?  But check out this box:

This looks like the same Costco butter I bought in Michigan – the cardboard is the same, the carton looks the same, the price is the same, and other than it being longer than what I bought at the Brighton Costco, it was the same.

Until I opened the first box:

…and found it to be squatty.  Seriously – it’s 8 tablespoons of butter, but it’s significantly shorter than the butter sticks I was accustomed to finding in both KY and MI.

I lined up two sticks of butter and compared it to a normal teaspoon for perspective:

It’s not bad, it’s just different.  And apparently, it’s the norm out here, because I’ve found this shape of butter in the local grocery store (the butter came from California).  So maybe this is a California-thing and Arizona gets its dairy products from California.  I have no idea – I just know that it took me by surprise and provided enough fodder for a blog post.  :)

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  • Caitlyn

    oddly enough, here in Philly we get both shapes – I buy whichever brand is cheaper on a given trip and we seem to end up with each shape about half the time. (that was poorly phrased, but i think ykwim)

    I prefer the long skinny kind – I’m terrible at eyeballing amounts on the short fat ones