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Locals here in Arizona have been telling us about torrential rains that come in July & August – dubbed the “monsoon season.” Having lived in Japan previously, I scoffed at the idea of a monsoon in the desert – I’ve lived through real monsoons and I seriously doubted that a grand total of 3 inches of rainfall per year could equal a monsoon.  Whatever – it’s all in perspective, right?  If the ground is hard and compacted as it is in the Sonoran Desert, then yes, 3 inches of annual rainfall happening inside of 6 weeks or so does equal a monsoon, because the ground cannot absorb all of that rain like it can in sub-tropical climes.

We’ve had dark clouds, lots of lightening & thunder, but no real, measurable rainfall… until today.  And because it was surprising and quite heavy, it was worth a video.  It’s still nothing in comparison to the rains that we had in Michigan and that have occurred since we left – the rain comes down sideways up there.  But this is the desert and it is significant for this part of the country.

For us, the most significant thing was a leak that developed in Brendan’s room – in his ceiling.  Keeping in mind that we’re on the bottom floor and that there’s someone above us in the complex, this weirded me out a bit.  Maintenance has already been here and deduced that it’s likely a roof-leak, as the water coming off of the sprinkler head was actually welling up around the head and buckling the ceiling paint.  I hope that doesn’t bode ill for our upstairs neighbor, but I did call her to tell her and she popped over to check.

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