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It’s hot in Arizona.  Did you know that?  I had an idea that it was, but the reality is that’s waaaay hotter than anything I could’ve imagined on my own.  I had no point of reference for 109.5F, 111F, or even 115F (temperatures we’ve seen since landing here one week ago).  I also had no idea exactly how much sweat my body could produce.  I’ve always been a bit sweat-impaired – it takes me a long time when working out to actually break a sweat.  Not here.  Yes, my face and neck still get red, but now I drip.  Ugh.  There’s no ladylike glistening in these parts – it’s just plain sweating.  It makes my antiperspirant one of my favourite things these days – that and baby powder.  😉

Observations I’ve made in my last week include:

* there is practically zero humidity here.  This means that my hair is curly and not frizzy!  It means that the way I fix my hair in the morning is how it is in the evening, short of tying it up because I’m hot.  It also means that the sweet clerk at the grocery store who had frizzed out hair couldn’t blame the weather – she intentionally frizzed out her hair.  😉

* there are many, many dark-coloured cars on the roads here.  I was told that only “imports” (i.e., transplants to the area) had dark coloured cars and that everyone else drove white or silver vehicles.  Maybe that’s true and the roads are filled with transplants, or maybe people just get sick of driving white or silver cars and deal with the heat of a darker coloured car.

* speaking of heat in cars, I’ve discovered (the hard way) that not even a reflective windshield-thing will keep your car temperatures from becoming unbearably H.O.T.  We went to the Ikea in Tempe last weekend and dutifully put the windshield-thingy in, as we were parked facing the rising sun.  I went out a mere 90 minutes later and HOLY. CRAP.  I honestly thought I might spontaneously burst in to flames and Mark would wonder where the car was (he was waiting with purchased items at the loading dock), because the woman he married had turned in to a crisp cinder and was unable to drive the car to get him.  I have NEVER experienced that kind of heat before.  If cold water takes my breath away (and it does), this absolutely sucked all air from my lungs and left me gasping.  I gingerly held the steering wheel and gearshift with tissues under each hand and drove to the loading dock with the air conditioning blasting.

* speaking of water, I cannot seem to get cold water to come out of the tap here.  And there’s hot water in the toilet bowl.  Seriously.  I was putting away the toilet-cleaning supplies (behind the toilet, naturally) and felt heat coming off of the bowl.  Upon further investigation, I realized the water in the bowl was HOT.  I cannot get the shower to produce cold water at all – I actually think there might be something wrong with the way the shower is plumbed, because there really IS a cold water valve under the sinks and the water valve at the back of the toilet should indeed be cold water.

* I hate the GPS unit we bought.  And I subsequently bought another with the intent of selling the first.  We’ll see how the second one works, but I suspect it will be better than the first.  I wish there was a way to “test drive” these things and figure out which will work best for you before committing to them.  No amount of reviews on Amazon.com led me to think that the original device we purchased would take me a round-about way to the mall (5.6 miles) when the mall is 2.7 miles straight up the road from our apartment.  0_o

* leg cramps brought on by lack of potassium due to sweating excessive amounts can be cured with Gatorade.  Who knew?  I’ve had horrible leg cramps in the last week and only in the last few days did I realize that drinking Gatorade would alleviate them.  Thankfully, this is something that is cheap here, and my suspicion is that it’s a staple in diets here during the summer months.

* the HOV lane on the expressway is great – until you have to get over 5 lanes of traffic with people who don’t use turn signals and don’t look before changing lanes, praying the whole while you don’t miss your exit.  That’s all I’m gonna say about that, other than to say that we’ve learned the surface roads to Mark’s office and I’m content driving those for a while.

* As much of a non-fan I am of ice cream, homemade ice cream tastes pretty amazing when dealing with the temperatures we’re dealing with.  Especially a fresh raspberry ice cream. :)

I’m hoping to be back on my regular blogging schedule, complete with a Show Me Saturday video next week.  I’ve unpacked enough to find the video camera and the firewire cable, so we should be good to go.  :)

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