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My hope was that my sleep patterns would change a bit (for the better) once the madness of packing and whatnot was done.  Apparently, that’s not the case.  I do suspect, however, that my body will sleep soundly and deeply once we are settled in Chandler.  I know this is Mark’s hope, too.  😉

We finished at the house yesterday after a full morning at 2|42.  We were “ambushed” with love on Saturday night by friends at Damon’s in Ann Arbor – people who got together to celebrate us and our contributions to our community.  What an amazing thing – and so ridiculously humbling.  Yesterday morning found us at the front of the stage, being sent out with fanfare, prayer, and a blessing – again, beautiful and humbling.  The relationships we’ve made here will be with us over the miles – this is what Real Community looks like.

We should have been done at the house in the early afternoon – our friends Jay & Jeanette helped us with the final cleaning details on the main level.  But we ended up spending time there, talking to my friend Betsie, who washed our towels (and what turned out to be about 8 pair of Brendan’s shorts?!) and brought them back to us.  I realized that while we were chatting and our kids were playing peacefully, I was avoiding the inevitable – having to say goodbye.  I was completely content in that choice – the longer I wiped stuff down, talked, laughed, and took a break, the less I had to face the reality of hugging my friend and saying, “Until next time….”

It was sad to leave – the house has so many memories for us.  Brendan was very emotional (and very exhausted – the child fell asleep before we even hit the expressway), and as we left, we held hands and prayed a blessing over the house.  That it would be a place for a family to reside and be blessed, that the family who purchased it would be a blessing to the community, and that our memories would remain sweet.

And we drove away, knowing that it’s now in the more-than-capable hands of our realty team and our friends who will watch over it, care for it, and continue to love us in a tangible way in our absence.


Today, we hit the road.  The sandwiches are made, the snack-food is procured.  The water bottles are chilled, and the TomTom is programmed with the most direct route, based on the instructions our truck-driver provided for us.  We head out this morning with pillows and towels (to cover the leather seats in the car as we drive further southwest), phones, iPod, and devices fully charged.  We don’t know where we’ll stay the night; Mark wants to look for a hotel on the path after we’ve driven about 650 miles.  We’ll gain an hour as we drive today, which is nice, and I’ll take photos along the way.  I’m going to investigate FourSquare (what I’ve always derisively called ForStalking) and see about updating my Facebook status with it as we drive.

The Excitement showed up last night at dinner – after the work of packing and cleaning were done.  The Adventure begins today.  Buckle up and stay tuned – I will be reflecting on much in the upcoming days and weeks.  :)

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