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We are in serious crunch-time.  I’m making my last meal and baking my last two loaves of bread today so I can pack my pressure cooker and mixer (and my make-do grain grinder) and I’m also trying to find a home for our two kitties.

I’ve been looking for homes for them for a while now – my allergies have gotten the better of me, but when this move became a reality, we both knew that they would not adapt to the heat of Arizona, much less a 3.5 day car trip.  Those are challenging situations for humans, much less cats.  Add to that the fact that we couldn’t find a cat-friendly apartment and it became urgent to place these two.

So we’ve been hunting everywhere.  I’ve tapped rescue orgs, individuals, everything.  And yesterday, I tried to ask a few different Siamese rescue orgs, because Keely is a flame-point Siamese.  Neither have space, unfortunately.  But what I found was an attitude of “I don’t think you’re a good person because you’re not taking them with you.”  Of course, nothing like that was directly stated, but the words like it were couched in “I’m in no place to judge,” and then went ahead with outright judgment.  Everyone’s entitled to do what they want to do, right?  But dang!  To not ask why someone can’t take their animals or what the situation is absurd, especially if you’re going to presume to judge.  I don’t consider it responsible to take two cats on a 4-day car journey in to the desert heat, only to not have a place to put them once we get there.  Un-real.

So yeah.  That makes me go, “Hmmm….” and wonder why people have to be so darned presumptuous.  Why do some people feel the need to make their un-requested opinions known?  These are questions that I’m sure I won’t get an answer to anytime soon, but they plague me a bit.   Just makes me work a little harder and faster in response to the frustration, I guess.  😉

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