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So I really am a fan of food storage… except that when you move, it’s a pain to pack up & schlep to wherever you’re moving.  Seriously.  I’ve been able to plan and use up a few things, but the majority of it is now boxed up.  I’ve been careful with my acquisitions, but these (medium-sized) boxes are heavy.  And we’re going to need the hand-truck to haul them out of the pantry (which is in the basement).

I’ve found myself in a curious place of trying to figure out what to prepare for meals that will either use up what’s in the fridge/freezer, or trying to find people to pawn things off on.  My friend Jess got my bittersweet chocolate chips that won’t survive the move down to Phoenix – I’d have a lump of melted chocolate if I packed them.  :(  And my friend Betsie will end up with the last of my frozen blueberries (from last year’s harvest) and hopefully my un-packaged white wheat as well.  I’ve been advised that although hard white wheat berries will store for 30+ years, the heat of the moving truck will degrade the wheat to where I’m better off selling it and re-purchasing it when we get there.

I am fortunate in that the largest HSC (Home Storage Center – LDS “Cannery”) in the nation is in Mesa, which is just minutes from where we’ll be living.  And yes, that means we finally nailed down a place to live – I’m doing a Snoopy-dance here. The bummer for me is that unlike the HSC here in Michigan, the one in Mesa requires me to visit with an LDS member.  And of course, we’re moving there knowing virtually no one – so that means I won’t be adding to my food storage any time immediately.  :(

I am sore, taking some arnica montana for the muscle strain of moving all of these boxes, but we’re getting there.  I never thought there would be a down-side to having a food storage, but having to move it might just be it.  😉

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  • http://thesurvivalmom.com TheSurvivalMom

    I found your beautiful blog on Twitter and wanted to let you know about the Honeyville Farms store in Chandler. I shop there regularly, and you can’t beat their price for 50 lbs. of hard white wheat, less than $13. I also teach classes there 2 or 3 times a month on topics related to preparedness and food storage.

    It’s good to know there are other non-LDS moms out there who also store food!

    .-= TheSurvivalMom´s last blog ..Baby Step 3- Get smart about potential disasters =-.

  • http://www.mamasheartblog.com sue

    Hi Lisa –

    W00t!!! I had no idea there was a Honeyville store here in Chandler! 😀 I’m totally going to find it and buy stuff – esp. since there’s no shipping charge. :)

    Thank you so much for the tip – can’t wait to meet you there! :)