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Somehow, amidst the sheer exhaustion of packing for three weeks straight, loading a moving truck in unGodly heat and humidity (seriously – close to 90F yesterday and the humidity was up in the 75% range!), the tears and the goodbyes, I’ve had the brain power to make random observations.

* If you want to know who your REAL friends are, plan a move.  The bigger the better.  Those who are willing to take time out of their lives to share the hard work of schlepping your stuff are the ones who truly value you and your friendship.

* When you buy a house, it’s a house.  When you live there with your family, it becomes a home.  When you pack up your things and sell it, it’s a house again.  It’s a strange series of transitions.

* Your house will never look as good as the day you sell it.

* Treasure the little moments, the stolen kisses, hugs, and hand-holds in the midst of craziness.  They’re enough to tide you over until the insanity is through.

* There is never a situation in which you can tell someone you love them “too much.”  Take the opportunities to share your heart, your life, and your emotions – life is too short and unpredictable to do otherwise.

We’ve seen and heard so much in the past week – I knew we had a good community around us, but it’s humbling to see people come out for a surprise farewell-dinner, to show up and work for hours at a time loading a moving truck, or to be willing to take your dirty towels (rags! OK, Betsie!) and wash them for you when your washer and dryer have been sold and aren’t there.  The volume of love we’ve received this week is amazing – we are grateful recipients and are so very blessed.

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  • http://www.andanotherthing.typepad.com Betsie

    I love you too!!! And I loved washing your dirty towels, because it meant that I could ease your burden in some small way. We are going to have to visit very soon!!! Once you get settled in, prepare for an Eikenberry invasion!
    .-= Betsie´s last blog ..Outdoor Living =-.