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Yesterday found us getting a late start out of Michigan, but we made good time in spite of it. We landed in Des Moines, IA at… I have no idea what time we stopped. It might’ve been around 8pm, but I can’t swear to it. This changing time-zones is messin’ with my brain. 😉

My mom tells me I was in N. Illinois once as a teen; I have no recollection of it at all. Regardless, we drove through Indiana, Illinois, and well in to Iowa yesterday – I’ve been to Indiana, but not in the Gary area. The rest is new territory to me.

And while I’ve crossed the Mississippi River before in a plane (multiple times, actually), I’ve never actually driven across it. Very cool historically-speaking, and quite significant as I considered those who crossed it centuries ago without the benefit of a bridge.

I purchased snack food and lunch-fixings on Sunday night; the sandwiches were great and the cold water bottles were exactly what we wanted.  Grand total spent on groceries (including coupons, of course!) was $15.87, and the sandwiches I made for lunch paired with the fruit and pretzels were perfect.  I bought one bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper (for the caffeine content) in Iowa to drive the last leg of the journey, and we filled up once.  Elsa is getting 33mpg out here; she started out at 29.7mpg and bumped to 33 by the time we stopped last night.  The hills of Iowa were mucking with our fuel efficiency, but since Kansas is flat and the majority of our drive today, I think we’ll make up the difference today.  Dinner was Sonic last night – I really wanted a real meal, but it was late, we were tired, and I hadn’t had Sonic in 3.5 yrs.  So a burger and shake it was.  Dinner was about $15 total.  Tonight we’ll probably spend more, but we’ll stop earlier and eat at a sit-down place.  :)

Today finds us leaving Des Moines, IA and heading towards a small town in the “stovepipe” of Texas. The route is in the TomTom (the best investment we’ve made recently, by the way) and I don’t have to fret about it. We were shooting for 700 miles, but by the looks of the landscape and the lack of hotels before the 700-mile point, we’ll be going about 750 miles today. Long day, but it puts us that much closer to our destination. :)

Brendan’s camera battery died unexpectedly yesterday during the drive, so there are no photos – but it’s fully-charged now and will be employed during the day today. Although I’m not sure what is photo-worthy in Kansas – I hear it’s plenty flat and boring. 😉

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