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Tasty Tuesday always means a recipe or two (sometimes if you’re lucky, I get three up in one day, but that’s rare).  But today, I’m going to celebrate some of the best Foodie News I’ve read all week long:

Hunt’s Ketchup Removes High Fructose Corn Syrup From Entire Retail Line

Yes, seriously.  I have stocked my food storage with the only affordable non-HFCS ketchup I’ve been able to find, which is found at Meijer.  But faced with the possibility of moving to an area where Meijer isn’t, this is beautiful news to me.

Hunt’s (owned by Con Agra) has seen value in ditching HFCS from their ketchup recipe.  “Hunt’s is pleased to offer ketchup sweetened with sugar and containing only five simple ingredients,” said Ryan Toreson, Hunt’s Ketchup brand manager.

Clearly, ConAgra has seen the value in marketing to the growing niche-market of HFCS-avoiding shoppers.  The niche is still small, percentage-wise, but is growing.  And like Pepsi offering “Throwback” Pepsi and Mountain Dew (sweetened with cane sugar, not HFCS), there is a payoff to be raked in.  Pepsi has found the “sugar-sweetened only”-crowd to be large enough and financially beneficial enough that they’ve removed HFCS from Gatorade.  This news makes my son ridiculously happy, but I still only buy him Gatorade as a special treat every now and then.

According to Hunt’s, the “Hunt’s 100% Natural” ketchup went to major metropolitan markets in mid-April and should be in all stores nationwide by mid-May.  Which is >now<, if you’re keeping track.  I didn’t have time to look in the condiment aisle at the store today, but you can bet I’ll do exactly that next week.  I’m also on the prowl for a reasonably-priced BBQ sauce that lacks HFCS – and may end up making some myself.  But if I do make it myself, I can at least use an HFCS-free ketchup as the base.  Which makes me very, very happy.

If you want to read the whole press release, you can find it here.  Here’s to a healthier ketchup!

For those of you who were hoping for news regarding our job hunt and future plans, I’m sorry – I don’t have anything concrete to share.  But this ketchup-news is a pretty good substitute, right? 😉

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  • Rachael

    That is awesome! I’ve been buying the Meijer stuff, too. It’s good to know there’s another option.

  • http://beartwinsmom.wordpress.com Michelle (The BearTwinsMom)

    That’s awesome news!!! I love my Naturals Meijer Ketchup. I like how it’s more affordable than the Meijer Organic brand.
    .-= Michelle (The BearTwinsMom)´s last blog ..This is what 40 looks like =-.