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We found out yesterday that we are relocating to the greater Phoenix area.  Mark’s interview went well and his new employer forwarded an offer on Thursday afternoon.  We were delighted, but in an attempt to be full of integrity and do what we said we’d do, Mark took the offer to his manager to give his company a chance to counter-offer.

They came back with the report that they “couldn’t even attempt to match it,” and so “they wouldn’t even try.”  0_o  This floored us, but it is a clear answer and one we prayed for.  We didn’t want any ambiguity when it came to something like this – it needed to be all or nothing for us to be certain we were making the right decision.

Needless to say, it’s exciting.  But it’s also tossed us in the front car of The Emotional Rollercoaster – some moments we’re fine, packing, excited… other moments we are emotionally distraught and crying over what we’re leaving behind.  And yet we know we will land on our feet.  We know that God has a good plan for us in all of this – and we’re just trying to walk out the path to that good plan.

Mark & I have found ourselves not sleeping so well, hence the reason I’m up at 5:30am and writing.  But at least I got 5+ hours of sleep last night, which is far better than the 3 hours I got the night before.  It’s not that we’re worrying, but that our minds are just spinning & seem to have a hard time staying asleep.  😐

We have a lot to do in that amount of time, so if you’re the praying sort and wouldn’t mind tossing a few prayers up for us, we’d appreciate it.  There are details to work out about how to get down there, how to pay for it, and where to live – you know, small details.  😉

I’ll be posting as I’m able during this time – I’m hopeful that it will be more frequent than not, but if there’s a lag, please be patient with me.  I promise I’ll be back as soon as possible.

Now where did I put that tape-gun?

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