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I’ve been working like a madwoman around here – going through rooms, purging things, getting ready to sell stuff online.  I still don’t know if we’re moving, but I figure having less stuff in the house is a good thing.  If we don’t move, I have less stuff to contend with.  If we do move, I have less stuff to contend with and figure out where to put it in a new place.  “Win-win,” I believe that’s called.  😉

But in the midst of thinking/wondering/trying not to obsess about moving, Mark & Brendan have earned their yellow belts in Tang Soo Do (Moo Duk Kwan) karate.  There is a PKSA (Professional Karate Schools of America) dojang in Brighton, which is about 20 minutes north of us and they’ve been studying weekly since January.  They tested for their yellow belts in April and just (at the end of May) tested for their orange belts as well.  They had the privilege of testing before the Masters who started PKSA – an amazing honour.  I am ridiculously proud of them.  😀

The interesting thing that I knew would happen is that both my husband and son have a stronger sense of confidence now.  As they set goals (for the next level) and hone their physical movements and sharpen their minds to achieve the goals, they have confidence that spills over in to other areas of their lives.  It’s really quite fascinating to watch – and even knowing it would happen (I took karate as a college student), I am delighted to see how it looks in them.

I’ve uploaded some images to my Flickr account of the most recent testing, which you can find by clicking on the Flickr badge to the right.  The belt-award ceremony is in a few weeks, so there will be more, but I’m really enjoying this new hobby and discipline my men are developing and cultivating.

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