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We are still in the Star Wars Years of parenting – I’m not quite sure when this phase ends.  Brendan entered it at his 7th birthday and is still there.  It’s coincided neatly with the Pirate Everything Phase, the Knights and Castles Phase, and the Explore Outside Until It’s Dark Phase.  And it’s still here.

So when I saw a tweet regarding Disney AND Star Wars, I thought it might be fun to explore a bit.  Disney has about six weeks of “Star Wars Weekends” every year – I’m pretty sure it’s Disney World in Florida, but Disney Land in California might also do it.  And so Disney has some fun with this.

Because my sense of humour is decidedly dry and a bit off-kilter, I laughed at these images:

Darth Maul is not amused…

Chewie needs some conditioner!

My second-favourite

My absolute favourite

All of these images and more are up at io9.com and all of them are cute, if not downright hilarious.

Our son has fully enjoyed this video from Disney’s Star Wars Weekend as well – if you have Jedi-wannabes in your home, it’s quite fun.  And safe – because I would never put up anything like this that wasn’t.  😉

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