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We’ll go to the Memorial Day Parade here in Dexter – our last one.  Everything has new significance to us, now that we know we’re moving in a few short weeks.  We look around as we drive through town… I remember the first December we were here as a family and how beautiful the pavilion in town was when it was lit up for Christmas.  I see the DQ and realize that although it closes in November for the winter months here, there will be no closing of any DQs in Phoenix for the winter months.

It seems surreal – as we pack, I find tons of things to give away, especially winter clothing.  I realize that “we won’t be needing that in Arizona” – and then I stop and think how bizarre those words are to my mind.  Arizona.  Me.  No winter weather?

*Scratching my head*

Regardless, we’ll get more packing done today (Brendan’s room is almost done), have some dear friends over who will help us pack, and then grill burgers and corn, and eat watermelon for our little “picnic.”

Enjoy your day – and remember what the holiday is all about.  If you have the chance, shake the hand of an active military member today and say, “Thank you for serving our country.”  I promise you, you’ll never be the same.  Your throat might close up and your eyes might well up, but your act of gratitude and kindness will fill up the service person’s heart and you’ll catch the overflow.

Happy Memorial Day.

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