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Have you seen the video with the seven-year-old girls decked out in lingerie, bumping and grinding to Beyonce’s song “All the Single Ladies”?  Our attention was drawn to this video over the weekend, which has gone viral since the actual performance in Pomona, CA.

I have two words to say:  HOLY CRAP.

I mean seriously – are you kidding me?  Who thought this was okay?  Which dance instructor thought it would be cute to put little girls in black and red lingerie and have them high kick (effectively exposing their collective undersides) when the lyrics say, “Now put your HANDS up”? (emphasis mine)  Why did the parents not protest at the costume OR the moves their little girls were doing?  Admittedly, we don’t know how big the dance troupe was initially – potentially it could’ve been 15 girls and there are only a handful on stage for the performance.  Maybe some parents DID have an issue with this song and outfit and pulled their daughters from it.

But regardless, these are little girls we’re talking about here.  We’re not discussing Miley Cyrus deciding to go down the Lindsey Lohan path – we’re talking about second grade girls.  Little girls who deserve to be running around in pants and tennis shoes, or even skirts and sandals, if they wish.  Little girls who are reading about Laura Ingalls Wilder and her adventures at the turn of the 20th century.  Little girls who give their moms and dads butterfly kisses before going to bed, or just because they can.  Who have toothy-gapped smiles and anticipate the next dollar the Tooth Fairy brings them, who love My Little Pony or whatever cute girly toy is out there.

They should not be learning how to gyrate like a grown woman on a stage to music that is at best, suggestive.

This makes my heart hurt – and the pain is moderated by the nausea it gives my stomach.  This video has been seen over two million times in various venues.  That two million hits:  two million brains, four million eyes – assuming only one person watched it at each showing.  And who knows who was in the audience?  Parents, sure.  Sibling, probably.  Grandparents, likely.  Pedophiles?  Ummm…. yeah.  We don’t know, do we?  Who’s been watching this?  Parents, siblings, grandparents, and more … pedophiles?  Most likely.  Some people have even said the performance by these girls borders on child pornography.  While I think that’s a little extreme, I definitely think it’s child exploitation, at the very least.

Again, I must indulge in a holy crap moment.  We have no control over who watches videos of our kids on YouTube or any other video site.   But why would you expose your child to viewing like that?  Why permit the costume, the moves, and the rest?  I have friends whose daughters are in dance class – and the costumes are cute, usually frilly, and always appropriate.  The talent exhibited by these little girls is in no way lessened by a better, more appropriate song or a better, more appropriate costume.  But it certainly wouldn’t have had two million hits if it was more in line with appropriateness and decorum.

If you have daughters, cherish them.  Keep them young for as long as possible.  Allow them to be little, and give them time to grow up.  Protect them, hug them, nurture them.  Don’t let them dress up like little Lolitas and strut around on stage – your daughters are worth far more than whatever trophy, award, or notoriety these little girls earned with their dancing talent.

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  • http://www.bigmama247.com Alise

    I had missed this one, fortunately. But wow. That’s pretty disturbing (the pedophile thing is pretty much my first thought every time I see something like this).

    What’s really amazing to me is that this is definitely not something that only Christians get upset about. Those outside of the Church seem to be equally concerned with people turning their young daughters into sex objects. What’s most frustrating to me is that when we turn our wee ones into little sexpots, we rob them of that opportunity later. We teach them shame instead of modesty. How depressing.
    .-= Alise´s last blog ..Musical Monday =-.

  • http://www.mamasheartblog.com sue

    that’s an excellent point, Alise. to rob our children of a future gift of healthy sexuality and teach them shame is a real crime indeed – and one that I suspect has our common enemy rejoicing. :(

  • Carrie

    Who thought this was okay?

    Uh, their moms. Obviously. Somebody signed them up for dance, watched the rehearsals, bought the outfits, and got the girls to practice the routine. And I bet, in most cases – nay, nearly all cases – it was the mom.

  • http://www.mamasheartblog.com sue

    You’re most likely completely right, Carrie. But how freaking depressing is THAT?! That a mom wouldn’t see anything wrong with dressing their little girls up as pin-up girls who gyrate like a sexually-mature woman in a strip-club? 😥

  • Carrie

    I know, Sue, it’s horrible. It just makes me angry. If we as women grew up and focused on what is important in life instead of obsessing over our own bodies/attractiveness and/or living vicariously through the attractiveness of our daughters, we would do society a great favor. Come on, where are the feminists when this stuff happens?

  • Isaiah

    I think it is sad that the crowd was going wild for this. I would expect a aura of shock and awe not complete craziness.