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Mark finished up four consecutive hours of interviews a short while ago.  We’ve both been awake since 4am today, so exhaustion is my constant companion on the sofa tonight.  Well, so is paperwork from the photo job I’m finishing up and an empty Leinenkugal bottle.  But those are separate stories.

Mark expressed confidence and felt as though the interviews went well.  I’m ridiculously proud of him and as I listened to him describe what he saw as he flew in and walked around the downtown area by the hotel, I had a surge of confidence that if this job is The Right One, we can do it and make a home in the desert.  Or rather, in a very large city in the desert.

I have been oddly “blinded” for the last few days.  I typically rely on my intuition heavily, finding it how God communicates with me most of the time.  And yet I have had *nothing* in the way of a sense about this venture.  I am at peace no matter which way it goes – which is a far better than I was even last week.  I’m up for the adventure of living in the Southwest if this is our family’s next step, but I’m also good with staying put in Michigan, growing my garden, getting some chickens, and having a domestic life here for a few more years.

So now we wait.  For a word, for an offer (hopefully), for a sense of which direction our next step will be in.

I’ll keep you posted – I promise.  😉

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