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I spent a few days in the desert southwest last week and discovered, to my chagrin, that I was still sneezing my fool head off and blowing my nose like crazy.  When I inquired of the locals, I was told in no uncertain terms that was got me was “West Texas, ma’am.  Everything is dead here, so you’re reacting to the dead things in the air.”  So much for the idea that the desert is good for allergies….

But in the meantime, I found all the blowing and wiping of my nose equaled one AMAZINGLY sore nose.  And all the skin underneath my nose cracked and was raw.  No amount of my favourite moisturizer (coconut oil) even touched it.  So I dealt with it until I arrived back home and put some Neosporin ointment on it before going to bed.

The next morning I awoke and nearly all of the scaly, raw skin was GONE.  Not smoothed down from the ointment base, but GONE.  I have one tiny patch left and if I could remember to keep Neosporin on it, it would also heal quickly.  That’s not the fault of the ointment; it’s my own forgetfulness.

As much as I try to do things au naturale around here, there are times when I’m really grateful for the low-level antibiotics in Neosporin – and I’ll happily shell out a few bucks (after coupons and CVS Extra Bucks) to keep my medicine cabinet stocked with the stuff.

Here’s to happy, smooth noses!  :)

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