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…of mice & men, as Robert Burns wrote, often go awry.  Or at least, that’s the adaptation we know in our colloquial English.  I had great plans this week to do my first video tutorial, to update a few more times, and to write several other articles for different outlets.

Bah.  Didn’t happen.

I’m currently surrounded by laundry that’s being packed in to suitcases and have camped my kid and dog at their staycation-resorts this afternoon, and have this absurd need to make sure that everything’s in place and clean before I leave for a trip.  I’m tired and have a ton of work to do, and we’re leaving for the airport by 5:45 a.m. tomorrow.

Mark & I are headed out of town for a conference and will be back Sunday afternoon, but I don’t know how the conference schedule will go and if I’ll be completely wiped out to the point where opening the laptop to write is more than I can muster.

If that happens, I will be back next week with new photos, a video, and other goodies – I promise.

In the meantime,   I wrote a piece about the beauty of beans, both for dietary health and budgetary health over at Ann Arbor.com.   And with that, I’m outta here – I think the dryer’s about done and I want to finish packing.  :)

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