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Today is the day I married my sweetheart.  On April 1, 1995 at 7pm, as the bells inside Wesley Chapel were ringing to denote the hour, our processional started (Kanon in D).  Candles were lit, mothers were seated, a very bouncy 3-year-old was entertained by one of my bridesmaids, and I tried to hold back tears of joy and excitement as I looked at my dad.  His stern voice said, “Don’t cry or you’re gonna make ME cry!”  We laughed and began walking down the aisle.

Fifteen years later, I still feel like that blushing bride who smiled so widely that she kept the tears in her eyes (and not running down her cheeks) as she walked to the front of the chapel, but I know a lot more.  We have time-logged as a couple, problems dealt with and managed, and a future that is bright before us.  We walk in step and understand the other much better than we did – and we’ve come back from the brink of ruin a few times.  There were times when I wasn’t sure our marriage would survive, but by the grace of God, it has.

And it is His grace that’s sustained us, allowed us to grow in love, and kept us together, determined to make our relationship work.

As I wrote in Mark’s anniversary card, I’m looking forward to the next set of 15 years together, although it seems impossible that when we celebrate thirty years of marriage, our little boy will be 23.  😉

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