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I’ve done some tweaking to things in the sidebars of the site and wanted to point a few things out.

1)  I’ve joined the Yakezie Challenge which is a group of smallish bloggers who want to increase their Alexa ranking.  If you don’t understand that last part, don’t worry – many people don’t.  Alexa isn’t the greatest form of web-traffic indicators, but it’s the only one we have, short of Google search stats.  Meh.  Whatever – I’m not hooked in to my Alexa ranking, but it’s a good challenge for me and gives me ideas when working with clients who want to increase their ranking(s).

2)  I’ve linked all of my social media outlets here as well, which is what you’ll see “bursting” through the “page” on the right.  If you know me personally and haven’t linked to me on Facebook, please do.  If you don’t know me personally but want to follow me on Twitter, connect on LinkedIn, or see my photostream at Flickr, you’re welcomed to do so.

3)  I enjoy creating things, which comes to a big (ha!) surprise to my friends.  One of the things I enjoy creating is personalized buttons for my site.  Generally, I’d farm something like this out, but being on a budget, I learned to do it myself.  If you want custom buttons, banners, or tweaking for your WordPress enabled blog, click the button & drop me a note.  I’m happy to help out and my fees are reasonable.  I know what having a tiny budget is all about! 😉

4)  Finally, you’ll see more buttons to blogs I read in the sidebars, as well.  Just a shout out to those in my RSS reader who have great content and easy-to-grab graphics.  :)

That’s all – I hope your week is off to a rousing start!.

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