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I got to the end of last week and didn’t realize where it went.  Well, I sort of did – but I only got one post up, despite lots of time at the keyboard and writing.  I’m really glad these weeks aren’t common for me, but when they hit, I find myself spinning a bit.

Brendan had his first experience in vacation Bible school, commonly called VBS.  One of the things about using the model of church-planting that we do is that we haven’t ever hosted a VBS week in the last 7+ years.  I’m okay with that, because the model we use works for us.  But we wanted Brendan to have this experience, and that meant examining another local church that offered it.  We chose well and it was a great experience for him, fully enjoyable, and a very pleasant place with kind people.  This encouraged me, because our experience at another church with Awana last year was less-than-ideal.

Brendan’s time at VBS found me hanging out in a local coffee shop – Mark was able to adjust his work-from-home schedule to where I could take the car, but I figured I’d save gas and hang out in Chelsea for three hours.  The idea was to use the cafe’s wifi and get work done, but their wifi was wonky.  So I got less done than I planned.  But the change of scenery was nice.

We headed out to pick blueberries last week and will pick more this week – and tomorrow’s recipe will be blueberry based. :)

And I worked on a new bit of writing – this time for AnnArbor.com.  I’ve been tapped to a be a Parenting Contributor for the new entity (the Ann Arbor News is facing its final week of publication right now), which is a great honour.  I’m not a journalist and I don’t play one on TV, but I do know how to write about home, family, kids, and marriage.  Despite that, I struggled greatly with my introductory post.  Something that should have been about 15-20 minutes worth of writing turned in to more than 2 hours.  I never struggle like that!  When I finally hammered out my draft and felt decent enough about it to send it to a friend for criticism & proofing, I realized why I had such a hard time.  I’m pretty good at narration and narrative writing is mostly what I do here and in the blogosphere.  I can write about my kid, activities, family stuff, homeschooling, and marriage without a whole lot of effort.  But this particular piece was all about me. I struggled to find things that were “interesting enough” to put out to the whole area of Ann Arbor – and I really didn’t enjoy talking about ME all that much.  But I managed to get it up and the second post for the site flowed like I expect my writing to flow.  When I hit my stride & get in my “zone,” so to speak, it just comes faster than my fingers can type.  😉

Friends of ours run a local theatre a few towns over – I volunteered to take head shots of the cast for this show (“Bugsy Malone”) and found myself tearing up the roads between here and Ypsilanti.  We’ll be working backstage with the cast this week – doing hair & makeup for the production – and already, the week looks crazy.  But I’ve got more time to knock out a few posts and put up photos and I’ll take it as it comes.

I’m outta here to get my week started – just wanted to pop in and explain my absence a bit.


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