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last-a2nYesterday was a somewhat remarkable day in the world of Ann Arbor living … it was the final day of press-print for the “Ann Arbor News,” often nicknamed the “A2-Snooze.” I’m generally not a particularly “this is the way it’s always been, this is the way it must continue to be”-kind of person, but there was something that tugged a bit at my heartstrings when I saw “FINAL EDITION” at the top of the paper.

There were many reasons the paper folded – and honestly, they’ve been analyzed to death already.  I’m not going to do that here – you can Google it for scads of articles, opinions, rants, and raves.

But it is significant, in that this area is steeped in tradition.  With tradition comes pride – and Ann Arbor is nothing if not proud of its tradition, its exellence, and its proclivity towards progressiveness (to those who hold a more conservative viewpoint, that’s not always a good thing, but Ann Arbor is what Ann Arbor is).

Which is why today, with the “replacement” for the A2-Snooze, is so significant.  It’s not “the way things have been done” in the past, it’s progressive change.  It’s an electronic version of the news – and there will be a twice-weekly print version (Thursdays and Sundays), named AnnArbor.com.  Oddly enough, the older generation (the very ones I thought might have issues with losing a black & white newsink existence) hopped on-board pretty quickly.  I’m sure there were some grumbles & complaints from the older set, but the majority seemed to adapt, want to create user accounts at the new site.  The largest portion of the griping and grumbling came from my generation – the Xers and some Boomers who are older than me.  Really?  We who LIVE with our Blackberries, iPhones, iPod Touches, and laptop computers cannot seem to get on board with an online paper, but the older (more staid, wired-generation) can?  Shocking.  Or, as Lewis Carroll wrote, “Curiouser and curiouser.”

So why am I rambling about the new site and Ann Arbor’s lack of daily paper?  Because I’m part of the new venture.  Nothing like a bit of self-serving publicity, eh? 😉

I was approached by the head of one of the community sections to write about parenting.  She’s been reading here for a while and asked if I wanted to be a “Parenting Contributor” to the new organization.  I listened to her talk, asked some questions, and signed on.  There are a gaggle of us contributing in the Parenting section, which reduces our individual workload a bit – but I think it’s a good mix of local interest, talent, and thoughts.  So if you read here, check out over there, too.  The posts will sometimes look similar, but they’re not exact replicas.  We might have some new readers here that pop in from time-to-time, too, which is cool.

I’m embracing this new reality – it’s sad to see the A2-Snooze go, but it’s reality.  And I’m embracing the new reality and new friends – with gusto.


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