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So this recipe isn’t mine per se, but I have tweaked it a bit.  It absolutely ROCKED this house last night – my husband & I ate it and actually argued for a moment over whether he should take all the leftovers for lunch today.  😉

It’s really *that* good.

You’ll need:

5 T coconut or olive oil
3 T.  minced garlic (I used less)
2 onions, diced (optional)
4 chicken breasts, diced
5 T. curry powder (your choice of strength)
2 t. sea salt (I like Redmond’s Real Salt)
1/2 t. cinnamon
14 oz can coconut milk (unsweetened)
15 oz. can of tomato sauce
2 T cornstarch, made in to a slurry with water

In a large skillet (or wok) on medium heat, place olive oil.  Heat oil until garlic is prepared; add and brown (but don’t burn!) garlic.  If you use onions, do them before the garlic – they will carmelize before the garlic does and if you flip it around, you’ll burn the garlic.  Add curry powder, salt, and cinnamon – mix well.  Add the diced chicken and heat until chicken is no longer pink.  Add coconut milk and tomato sauce, mixing well.  Bring to a simmering boil.  Add in cornstarch slurry (mixing cornstarch with a small amount of water until the starch is dissolved and the slurry is white & thin).  Cover & simmer for a minimum of ten minutes.

I served this with rice and it was amazing.  If you like hotter curry, you can add more curry powder; this sauce will also stand up beautifully to carrot and/or potato chunks that cook in it (you’ll have to increase your simmer-time to closer to 25 minutes if you do this).  I found it to have an “after burn” – it wasn’t incredibly hot to the taste, but the spice kicked in afterward, pleasantly so.  If you need to make two batches (one hotter, one milder), doing so after adding the cornstarch slurry – just divide it and adjust seasoning to taste.


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