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This is another post that is better read on the site than in an RSS reader – the photos will not show up in RSS.  So, c’mon over!dsc_0004

Wow, this caterpillar just keeps on growing!  Two years ago when we hatched them and took photos, the whole process took about 3.5 weeks.  The growth was incremental, but this little guy’s growth has been astronomical in terms of rate & comparison.

dsc_0007Brendan’s favourite thing to point out is the caterpillar poo – they are known to “eat and poo” as a matter of course.  And of course, as they get bigger, their poo increases in size.  Which, for whatever unfathomable reason, is fascinating to a 7 y/o boy. :roll:

These shots were taken with my Nikon D70s and a 70-300mm lens with macro setting.  So honestly, although he looks huge here, Mr. Caterpillar isn’t *that* big.  But it was the best way to show off his details and cool body. 😉


We also found a new baby caterpillar at the same time – Karen said that she’d found some inadvertently when bringing in the budded stalks, and so did we.  This little guy is about the size of a dsc_0014grain of rice in this picture (again, shot in macro).

The big guy gave me some cool angles to shoot him – instead of placing him in a jar, we maintained the stalk-setup (which I prefer), partially because it was easy, and partially because it mimics what they would do in nature, if not already eaten by a predator.dsc_0015 So popping over the top of a leaf to munch was pretty fun to grab on camera.

dsc_0033Apparently, having multiple sets of legs also makes Mr. Caterpillar quite agile & having a long, segmented body makes him quite flexible.  I’m not sure it would help my perpetual clumsiness or not – it would probably magnify the fact that I cannot maintain vertical presence. 😉

So watching and waiting – the growth is unprecedented in this guy, and our newest hatchling is doing quite well, also.  Stay tuned!

Oh, and all of these shots and more are over at my Flickr account – check out the badge to the right and go take a look in full size & high res! :)


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