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I love reading over at The Diaper Diaries, even though we’re long past the diaper-stage here.  So when Jill decided to celebrate her birthday (with style, I might add), I thought it would be fun to jump in.  :)

Instead of asking for more “stuff,” she opted to ask for charities and in-kind donations to charities to celebrate her special day.  What a great idea!  We have recently donated to two worthy organizations in our area, one of which I want to highlight here.

Dress for Success is an organization that helps women become more self-sufficient.  A major path for many women who want to get out of poverty is to learn skills and use them in the corporate world.  Unfortunately for many, the cost of professional work-wear is out of budget and out of reach.  Dress for Success accepts gently-used clothing and allows women to go through their racks, picking out what they’d like, what fits, and what helps them present a professional image.  These small donations mean so much to women who are in need – maybe they were abused and have broken the cycle of abuse, maybe they are getting off of welfare and in to the job-force, or maybe they’re picking themselves and their children up after a divorce that left them bereft of home, money, and resources.  Regardless, this organization is the tops and we love what they do.

And seeing as I’ve officially been a WAHM for 7.5 years now, I really didn’t need much of my closet’s contents.  Our church is amazingly casual, and when I dress up, I prefer Citiknits these days.  So I went through and chose beautiful clothes that haven’t seen daylight in a long while and got them ready to go.  I’m so delighted to be able to pass these along – to think that these clothes will empower another woman, make her feel beautiful, and will give her confidence as she walks in to a new job setting.

Where do you donate your time, energy, or stuff?  Even if you don’t know Jill or read her blog, will you partake and share what you have in these hard times?  It’s freeing to do so – and I’m willing to bet you’ll love the feeling you get when you release the *things* in your life and embrace *life* itself.


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  • http://www.thediaperdiaries.net The Diaper Diaries

    I have heard of this organization before. I never worked anywhere where I had to wear “nice” things to work, but I think what they do is amazing. Thanks for participating :)
    [rq=7706,0,blog][/rq]The BIG Birthday Bash!!!!

  • http://norseandjes.blogspot.com Jesica

    What a great way to meet the real needs of women!