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So I don’t really write much about our church, but I’m really, really glad we’re there. It’s a great place for us to plug in and their vision for ministry & life really jives with ours.

But that’s not the reason for this post.

We’ve been talking about generosity in the last several weeks – not for the typical money-grab that many churches do and not for the purposes of having a building or doing anything like that. The leadership wanted to encourage us (as leaders and as participants in the congregation) to trust God’s economy over the national or state economy right now. And that’s an important lesson – but one that hits very, very close to home for my family. To say we’re struggling is really putting it quite mildly – I am looking for part-time work and Mark’s company simply won’t open the purse-strings, despite their profitability right now and his experience and documented under-pay. :(

Anyhow, in the course of these weeks of teaching came a challenge – to raise $50,000 between the Brighton and Ann Arbor campuses on one Sunday – all to be given away. We planned to divide it equally between a fund for under-resourced people here in Southeast Michigan, an orphanage in Guatemala, and a church-plant in San Diego. Those who need help with food and housing in our area would receive the benefit of approximately $17,000, the orphans in Guatemala would get 3 meals a day for 2 months straight (there are 150 orphans in the institution), and a church plant would get money to get up & running in another state that is seeing hard times. Cool.

We called it The Big Give and both campuses had one service, coinciding times, and thanks to Twitter and text messaging, the same news at the same time. We were encouraged to look at God’s generosity towards us and to ask Him what we could do as individuals in the cause.

I was chosen for a consumer study that paid me and I decided all of that would go in. We combined it with a little bit more we’d been saving for something else and let that be our gift. Many people gave sacrificially – they chose not to eat out or do other “luxury”-things; since we don’t have any luxuries right now, we just decided that we’d figure it out somehow and that the orphans and those who were completely without jobs had it worse than we did. We asked our son if he wanted to do anything for the event and he told us this morning that he “heard God say, “Give what’s in your piggy bank.'” He pulled out the only money in his bank (two $5 bills) and got ready to go. My husband & I were amazed and delighted that he would be able to let go of the cash and do that.

Our son handed the money over to one of the pastors while things were being set up with the words, “This is for The Big Give,” and I explained what he said he’d heard God say to his heart. :)

The service went on … and midway through, the announcement was made. We’d hoped for $50,000 but were prepared for whatever came in, with the understanding that something to help the less fortunate was better than nothing.

The final count was more than $96,000. Almost twice what we aimed for, which means that … the under-resourced in our area will have nearly $34,000 to help out; the orphans in Guatemala will get 3 meals a day for FOUR months, not two; and the church plant in San Diego will get twice as much to help their launch and plans.

I’m pretty stinkin’ happy we’re at 2|42 Community Church.  We love the way the leadership looks at life and the things they encourage us to do.


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