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Brendan got his first bike when he was 3 – and we bought it a size larger than was recommended for a 3 y/o so that he would get some growth-room out of it. Fait accompli.

Until this year – the child has shot up so much in height that he was beginning to look like Quasimodo as he rode up & down the driveway. He mastered the 16″ bike a while ago and has been known to speed around on both the pavement and the grass, but as his knees approached his elbows, I knew it was time to put him on the next size up.

For a change, Craigslist didn’t disappoint. It’s been quite hit or miss for me – far more “miss” than “hit,” though. I scoured for different bikes – I found a couple of gently-used ones for far too much money, some that were amazingly worn down, and one that seemed … perfect. The ad stated that it was in “excellent condition,” and described its features. Part of what sold me was that it wasn’t a cheap bike from WalMart, which is akin to the bike that Brendan outgrew. Not that I’m some sort of bike-snob, but there’s something sentimental for me about a Schwinn bike – it was my first bike, too.

So I called the guy selling it and sure enough, it was still available. This 3 y/o used bike was cheaper than a new one from a mass merchandiser, and a great value – it retailed for $279 three years ago. 😯

I packed Brendan in the car early the next morning and started to navigate my way to Northville, where the bike was located. It looked good – he was a bit gunshy at first, but with some coaxing, got on and it was a good fit for him. One of the main selling points for me? NO WRENCH NEEDED to adjust the seat! 😀

The selling point for Brendan? It’s black & red. And is “cool, Mama!” And thanks to the generosity of his grandparents (my dad was thrilled – his first bike was a black & red Schwinn, too!), Brendan’s been spinning around the yard and driveway like a speed demon. I’ll be fine – as long as he doesn’t *tell me* he’s going to pop a wheelie. 😉


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